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Smoked marijuana and cigarettes 10 days before BBL. Should I be concerned?

Hello everyone. I decided to get a BBL pretty last minute. My surgery is scheduled for Novemeber 19th with Dr. Fisher. This Tuesday (Nov 10th) I hung... READ MORE

Does Marijuana Have Adverse Effects with the Pre Post Op Medication?

I'm a casual marijuana user, does marijuana cause adverse effects with the pre and post op medication? I'm using the arnica four pack from READ MORE

Smoking marijuana before BBL?

Im getting a BBL on june 10th. My doctor has instructed discontinue all medications and alcohol one week prior to surgery. He said all those factors... READ MORE

I have Liposuction scheduled in 3 weeks and I smoked a little marijuana today. What harm have I caused?

I stopped smoking weed on May 4th. Usually used to smoke weed about 2-4x a week. & I quit occasional smoking of ciggaretres 8 wks ago. Now I'm worried... READ MORE

I am aware you cannot smoke up to 3 months post op, as it could kill fat cells, does this include marijuana smoke as well? BBL

I am aware you cannot smoke for 3 months post operation due to smoke killing fat cells but does this include marijuana smoke? If I cannot smoke... READ MORE

Smoking Marijuana Two weeks post OP Brazilian Butt Lift? Harmful?

I smoked marijuana two weeks post OP Brazilian Butt lift, is there any real damage? Not just in case but is it proven that it will affect the fat... READ MORE

About to do surgery soon. How long do I have to stop smoking marijuana?

I'm getting ready to do surgery soon with a bbl and tt. How long would I have to stop smoking for? READ MORE

Why would eating a marijuana edible instead of pain pills for pain management affect my BBL results?

I am 16 days post op, I know that SMOKING can cause difficulties after surgery but what about eating marijuana edibles instead of pain pills for pain... READ MORE

Failed drug test; will I still be able to receive BBL?

If i fail my drug test for marijuana even though stopped smoking 30 days ago will i still be able to receive my bbl? READ MORE

2 weeks post op Brazilian Butt Lift, I smoked marijuana. Have I ruined my results?

I recently had Brazilian butt lift surgery and I understand that I am not suppose to smoke until 6 weeks. I was under the impression that it was just... READ MORE

Will eating edibles (marijuana) mess up BBL? (Photo)

I dont like pain medication, so I am eating edibles. I am 2 1/2 weeks post op. I ate my first edible today, to help relieve some of the bruising pain.... READ MORE

How long after a Brazilian Butt Lift is it safe to smoke marijuana without affecting results?

I had a brazil butt lift done and after five weeks i had a some marijuana, I was wondering if it will affect my fat cells. When is a safe time to... READ MORE

Fastest way to raise hemoglobin?

I took my labs last thursday hemoglobin was at 10.9, 12 or higher is ideal, but nurse said need at LEAST 11.5. I'm a smoker (marijuana) which have... READ MORE

Is second hand smoke with marijuana detrimental to BBL healing? I'm 3 weeks post-op.

Hello doctors, Just wondering if second hand smoke with marijuana is also not beneficial for someone who just got a bbl. I am 3 weeks post op now. READ MORE

Marijuana after a BBL.

So i know Nicotine is a no no after a BBL . I have not smoked any cigarettes, but I was curious if it is okay to smoke weed (marijuana) after.. I am 4... READ MORE

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