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After my Brazilian Butt lift Can You Know if You Have Fat Necrosis Straight Away?

I had my Butt-lift surgery 5 days ago and woke to find that I had a hard palm sized lump at the top of both my buttocks. As a result of this they make... READ MORE

21 days post op rippling hard spots discoloration DISGUSTING BBL surgery. Can I be fixed? Will I heal? How? (photo)

I paid a lot of money to go to a very well known plastic surgeon in Miami known as the "butt God" and I feel like I look like I paid $20.00 in Mexico.... READ MORE

5 Days Post Op but Lift Left Feels Hard and Hurts Alot? (photo)

Yesterday I had Minimal pain . I've been sleeping on my stomach . But I had to go to the doctor so I had to sit in the car for a 20 or 30 mins max n... READ MORE

Fat Necrosis After Brazilian Butt Lift 1 Year Ago?

After a year i still have hard parts that feel like a rock, i massaged them and they don't get any better, is there something surgery or laser or... READ MORE

Is Hardness 4 Months Post Op Brazilian Butt Lift Normal?

Four (4) months post-op and I have hardness in one cheek after Brazilian Butt Lift. Is this normal? I purchased a foam roller to massage the hardness.... READ MORE

Recently had a bbl and was happy with the day after results now 1week later it looks flat & feels hard. Is this normal? (photo)

I had surgery 3/4/ went back to the doctor 3/5 I was happy with results now 3/9/ my butt is hard and flat looking is this normal READ MORE

Post BBL Q's about painless hardened masses, lumps and new mass after 8 months and dimpled skin?

Q1- I have a couple hard masses in my right butt cheek, painless, but was wondering if this can become worse after 9 months, if so, why? Q2- I also... READ MORE

Buttock Skin Became Hard Post Surgery for a Blood Clot There and Getting Pains in Legs?

Had a blood clot on my buttocks due to an accident . I got it operated , but the skin just below the cut initially swelled and later swelling... READ MORE

I have terrible pain and a hard area 3 weeks post BBL. Is this normal? (Photo)

I am very nervous, I am going on 3 weeks post op bbl, not much fat survival at all. My left side of the left buttock has a rock hard mass that hurts... READ MORE

Is it normal for your stomach to be harder after a BBL. Will it eventually get softer?

Hello, I'm concerned about the stomach after a BBL. Does the stomach go back to its normal soft self, or is harder than usual? Is there great... READ MORE

Swelling getting worse after Lipo And BBL, suggestions? (photos)

Had bbl lipo done 3 weeks ago.I wore my garment 24/7 and had 9 massages However my swelling only goes down after the massage then the next day it... READ MORE

My Doctors VS Another Dr? 1 Months After BBL.

4 wks after my BBL my left butt cheek got hard, swollen & extremely painful to sit! I can feel a marble size area where it hurts most. I am now 6... READ MORE

Brazilian Butt Lift - when will my butt feel normal to the touch again?

I am 10 days post-op and was just wondering when my butt will actually start to feel normal. It is extremely hard right now, which has been explained... READ MORE

Post Brazilian Butt Lift Butt is Square and Hard Around the Edges?

I had the bbl procedure Monday. My butt is square and hard around the edges. Is this normal? When is it going to get round firm?The doctor said he... READ MORE

Lumpiness/waviness and hardness after AirScuplt normal? 2 weeks post op. (photos)

I've been diligent wearing my garment for the two weeks. After 1.5 weeks I purchased a Fajas in XS per the recommendation per their customer service... READ MORE

Abdomen Swelling - When should it go down and be less tense and hard? Swollen muscle possibly?

How long is swelling suppose to last? what does it look like? and what can I use to keep it down? my abdomen is so painful, tight and tense. I have no... READ MORE

Hard areas after liposuction.

I had the Brazilian butt lift procedure done on August 13, 2015 (almost 3 weeks ago). I notice that my lower stomach area and near my waist and hips... READ MORE

Is hardness on buttocks six months after BBL unusual?

Also the hardness area is warm if I am active the area sweat, I have light bruising on the hardness. My doctor claims it's normal and will be normal... READ MORE

Its been 19 days since my surgery, Is it okay to still have hard/stiff areas of the buttocks after a BBL as well as a few lumps?

The lumps are only on the right side under the skin. The only way you know its there is if you feel on it READ MORE

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