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What is the Downtime for Fat Transfer in Buttocks?

I am a 30 year old Asian, 5'4, 121 lbs. I have always had about two inches of belly fat and 2 inches of love-handles. I would like the fat transferred... READ MORE

How Long Should You Stay at a Recovery House if You Are Having a Brazilian Butt Lift Done by a Doctor That is Not in Your Area?

I am not asking about the overall time that you would need for recovery of a bbl. I just want to know the minimum amount of time you should be around... READ MORE

I've read that sometimes the fat from a Brazilian Butt Lift can migrate to the ankles because of gravity, is this true? (photo)

I'm 25 years old and looking to get a Brazilian Butt lift. I've tried very hard to do it naturally but I'm not getting the results I want. I'm... READ MORE

Procedure with least downtime? I really want a BBL but I cannot take much time off work, what can you suggest?

I wanted a Brazilian Butt Lift but after seeing many people take a month or more off work, I cannot do that. I work in Beverly Hills so I don't have... READ MORE

When can I return to normal motherly duties after a Brazilian Butt Lift?

Hi! I have a consultation tomorrow for my BBL. I am a mother of a 7 month old baby boy (18 lbs). My question is when can I resume normal duties? My... READ MORE

Any suggestions for Liposuction and Brazilian Butt Lift?

I want to get the BBL and liposuction of the flanks, upper and lower abdominal area done in December and I would like to know what is needed for after... READ MORE

BBL and Traveling - how soon can you travel post-op?

Hi! I was wondering how soon after a BBL can you travel? i'm going to Puerto Rico in May but I wanted to have my BBL before I go, so i can look... READ MORE

BBL average down time?

How long before I can return to a desk job? How long before I can return to full life routine such as exercising, cardio, weightlifting? READ MORE

4 weeks after BBL, lower back and belly is itchy and painful, when will this go away? (photos)

Is been 4 weeks after lipo and bbl fat tranfer my belly and my lower back is itchy and some days heard more im wearing my garment 24/7 how long more... READ MORE

Whats the time limit before I can participate in pool and beach life in Miami if I was gentle after BBL?

Gwtting BBL done the n Miami near April 1, 2017. How soon after surgery can I lay out by the pool, get in the pool, hot tub, lay out on the beach, or... READ MORE

Any suggestions for Fat Transfer to Buttocks Area - Dallas, TX (DFW)? (photos)

I have a lot of weight in my stomach area and thighs. I would love for my stomach to be flatter and my buttocks a bit fuller. A few doctors here... READ MORE

What is the least amount of downtime for a butt augmentation procedure? I cannot take weeks off - my job is very sedentary.

I am in the Tampa area. I have considered BBL, but the downtime is impossible for me. Is there an alternative where I can take perhaps a few days off... READ MORE

Lipo to stomach with fat transfer to buttocks safe and less down time than tummy tuck? (Photo)

My butt has a few dimples and needs a lift so am hoping to take the fat from my stomach and transfer to buttocks. I may could use a tummy tuck. I have... READ MORE

Want to travel to best MD for my BBL, but is it safe to travel after?

Don't think the MDs in NC have a lot of expirence in the BBL process, looking at Miami or closer. What is downtime like and is it safe to travel. Also... READ MORE

Is it possible for me to come close to my wish pics with BBL with fat transfer for my butt, hips, and lipo tightening? (Photos)

*Does the BBL with transfer come with liposuction and tightening? I need to tightening some areas *What is the down time? *Cost including aftercare... READ MORE

Really want Brazilian Butt Lift but the down time.. Any suggestions?

So I've been contemplating getting a BBL for a while, now the only prob is the 2-3 week downtime. I'm a single parent, so being confined to my home... READ MORE

How many weeks do I need for recovery from TT and BBL? Can I do a long drive with pillow support after surgery?

How soon would I be able to recover from these two surgeries? I have a 5 month old baby and I know he will want me to carry him. How many weeks do I... READ MORE

Can I get a bbl and breast fat grafting done in one procedure?

Can I do these procedures under local anesthesia? If no why not? I can't really afford to have a lot of downtime by doing separate procedures. What... READ MORE

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