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How Do I Best Prepare for a Brazilian Butt Lift?

Hi i need help on how to prepare for a BBL.. i dont want to have super saggy skin as i also am getting lipo.. should i be on a diet?.. and what... READ MORE

Gaining Weight Before Brazilian Butt Lift

I want to get a Brazilian butt lift and I want to gain weight. What should I eat and how many times a day? READ MORE

When After a BBL Can I Start to Diet and Exercise?

Hi, two years ago I lost 85 pounds after dieting and excercising reaching my ideal weight of 135 at 5'4. With lots of excess skin and sagging... READ MORE

If I Continue to Low Carb Diet and Brisk Walking After a Brazilian Butt Lift, Will It Destroy the Results?

My whr is .79 (33/42), but i am trying to get it to .64-.67. the ratio won't change b/c of my fatty waist and abs... READ MORE

Will diet pills attack the fat transferred after a BBL?

I was taking before my surgery. I am now 6 weeks post op....and would like to go back to my diet and exercise routine and yes, diet pills where in my... READ MORE

Can I Diet Using Phentermine After BBL?

Im usally 145lbs gained 10lbs for surgeryIm 5"7 152lbs but now after surgery the scale says im 160lbs(not sure if itsfromswelling since its... READ MORE

If I am in ketosis, is this dangerous for surgery?

I have been following a low carb diet for about a month and a half now and I am due to have a bbl in two weeks. I am active, take arnica, bromelain,... READ MORE

Is There a Specific Diet to Follow After a BBL?

Is there a specific diet to follow after a BBL to preserve the transferred fat? READ MORE

What is the best way to maintain the results of BBL?

What is the best way to maintain the results of BBL? is there a special diet and exercise routine remmended? Low carb, high protein? Am I allowed to... READ MORE

What Foods and Vitamins to Avoid Before Multiple Procedures? (photo)

I'm getting full body lipo from head to toe , fat grafting to hips and butt and breast lift and augmentation. I had my last glass of wine last week,... READ MORE

Other Than Taking Vitamins is There a Diet or Nutrition Plan That Should Be Followed After BBL?

To increase survival rate of fat and minimize scarring? Like I've heard that high protien diet post operatively for any surgery promotes wound healing... READ MORE

I'm 5'6, 240 lbs 28 years old. Would I currently qualify for a Tummy Tuck & Brazilian Butt Lift?

Can I have children after the TT? I would like to get a TT and a BBL at the same time is that possible? I have tried several diets and wasted... READ MORE

Can I Start Dieting During BBL Recovery?

My normal weight is 127lbs & I gained 7lbs for my BBL procedure. I'm unhappy at this weight/size & would like to get back within normal range... READ MORE

What should I eat after my Brazilian Butt Lift?

Hello! I received liposuction to my abdomen, inner thighs, and love handles. I obviously don't want to gain back weight while in recovery, but want to... READ MORE

I had a bbl 3 weeks ago. When can I start diet and exercising, and will it hurt my final result?

I had a bbl 3 weeks ago ..i want to know wen i can start dieting n exercising...n will diets hurt my final result???? READ MORE

How long before surgery should I stop taking adapex. Phedrmine diet pills?

Hi im scheduled for a tummy tuck and Brazilian butt lift on may 14. Ive gained 5lbs and was considering taking diet pills for a loose the... READ MORE

Is this normal water retention or is it abdominal fat? (photos)

I got a Brazilian butt lift 8 months ago & have been maintaining my weight. A few weeks ago I noticed some weight gain w/o any diet changes about 3lbs... READ MORE

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