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What Garment to Use Post BBL? Worried Mine Is Too Tight. (photo)

Im 16 days post-op. Wore garment for 5 days post-of & it came off on day 6 due to circulation problems in stomach. On day 14 it was back on but i... READ MORE

How Long Do You Have to Wear the Garment After a Bbl?

I got a bbl done on March 24, how long should i wear the garment he gave me? He said a month but ive heard other doctors say 6 months. READ MORE

Will a Compression Garment Covering the Butt After Bbl Kill the New Fat?

I had a bbl 2 weeks ago and I keep freaking out that my compression garment which covers the butt is compressing my buttocks too much. If the pressure... READ MORE

Is a Butt-Out or Butt-Covered Compression Garment Better After Fat Graft to the Butt?

Hi, I am having fat graft to the butt following liposuction as well as a breast lift. Which type of compression garment is better, one with the butt... READ MORE

Normal To Wear Compression Garments After Fat Transfer to Butt?

Hi, am i allowed to wear compression garments after fat transfer to my UPPER butt? i will be doing liposuction of my saddlebags and inner thighs, and... READ MORE

What Type of Waist Cincher is Allowed After a Brazilian Butt Lift and Lipo?

I have had a brazilian butt lift with lipo to the abdomen, waist and love handles. My doctor gave me the ok to use a waist chincher. Most of the ones... READ MORE

Is Wearing a Garment After Having a Brazilian Butt Lift Flattening my Butt?

I am 2 weeks post op and got 1400 cc's to each cheek. The volume in my buttocks has gone down considerably and I would guess I have about 70% of what... READ MORE

BBL Areas Look Lumpy. Is 6 Wks Too Late to Use a New Garment to Assist? (photo)

I had lipo suw/ction with fat transfer to butt my tummy has a small lump but also overall looks lumpy I wore the garment provided by my dr along with... READ MORE

Why Wearing This Garment Hurts my Body So Much? (photo)

Is been 10 days, since I had lipo on my upper & lower stomach and flanks with fat transfer to my butt, surgery went pretty good. Now my question... READ MORE

Good Garment for Brazilian Butt Lift??

I am finding it tough to locate a good garmet for post op BBL. My dr office only sells 1 that zips on the side and the location of the zipper bothers... READ MORE

Stage 2 Garments Suggestions

Im wondering what kind of stage 2 garments is best to use after bbl? With holes without holes? And can a too tight garment mess up your bbl results? READ MORE

How long should I wear compression socks after surgery?

I've noticed that girls wear compression socks after a bbl surgery. Why it recommended that girls wear them and how long after surgery should they be... READ MORE

Does It Serve Any Purpose to Use Foam Now 7 Weeks After BBL for Skin Re-attachment?

I'm 7 weeks post BBL. I've had trouble with garments& have wore them on and off. Im still swollen & my skin is "looking"... READ MORE

When Can I Live Like a Normal Person After BBL?

Hello, I am scheduled for a BBL on May 22. I have a work conference in San DIego on July 26th. At that point, will I be able to sit without worrying... READ MORE

Could a Compression Garment have Negative Effect on Hips After Brazilian Butt Lift?

I am looking for a 2nd stage compression garment for after BBL...i will have fat transferred to my hips which i want keep as much as possible..will a... READ MORE

What is the Average Time Doctor Recommend to Wear a Compression After a Brazilian Butt Lift?

What is the recommended time to wear a compression garmet after a brazilian butt lift? Does this differ in terms of the amount of time that it is used... READ MORE

Square Booties After BBL. Is This Because of the Hole in Most Compression Garments?

After doing some research, I have noticed that some patients who received the Brazilian Butt Lift have a square shaped booty (view from the back) once... READ MORE

3 Weeks PO From Lipo and Fat Transfer to Hips/Butt. Question About Compression Garment? (photo)

My original garment is loose in upper body but snug on butt and hips. Can I use a waist clincher for additional compression of my waist and stomach?... READ MORE

What is the best kind of corset to wear after liposuction of the abdomen, flanks, back and bra-line?

I have to get traditional liposuction because my fat will be transferred to my butt and hips. I just want a corset, not a full bodysuit. What material... READ MORE

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