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Tumescent Lipo W/ Brazilian Butt Lift and High Blood Pressure, Does this Increase my Risk?

Hello Everyone, I have what is called pre-hypertension my Blood pressure is usually about 135/82. I am 26 yrs old and on 5mg of Norvasc for the blood... READ MORE

If I Have High Blood Pressure Can I Still Get a BBL?

Im 25 years old and my blood pressure is a little high. Can I still get a BBL? READ MORE

Hypotensive, on Norvasc 10mg. 5'7", 190lb. -​ Does this put me at higher risk for complications?

Looking to have lipo (abdomen, back) transfer to butt (Brazilian butt). I am 5'7" 190lbs. Hypotensive, on norvasc 10 mg.Does this put me at higher... READ MORE

41 ready for BBL - am I a good candidate? (photos)

5'1" 140lbs, good health, active however just started taking blood pressure meds literally this week, 10mg of lisinopril. No other issues. Would like... READ MORE

Will having hypertension increase my risk when getting lipo and BBL?

I have hypertension but am currently on a calcium channel blocker and hydrochlorthiazide. My blood pressure is well controlled. Does having... READ MORE

HBP and surgery. Any suggestions?

I'm planning on having a TT and BBL. I currently take 80/25 HCT blood pressure medicine. It is well maintained at 107/75 currently. How is the blood... READ MORE

How high is normal blood pressure for BBL procedure?

I have white coat hypertension when in the Doctors office until I get relaxed and calm down. Will elevated blood pressure cause my surgery to be... READ MORE

Doctor says that it will take 5 to 6 hours for BBL surgery, is this normal?

Hi I'm getting a Brazilian butt lift soon , my doctor told me he takes 5 to 6 hours for the bbl. I do not understand why it takes so long I mean I... READ MORE

My Hemoglobin A1c is 10 is it extremely high for BBL? (photos)

A1c is 10 how to get it to normal for bbl blood pressure under control for a year no problem 190-lbs to 186 READ MORE

41 and seeking bbl advice.

I am 41 and am thinking about a bbl - is age a factor? I also recently started taking blood pressure meds. I am otherwise very healthy, I eat right... READ MORE

What can I do to help bring my blood pressure down?

Scheduled for a BBL this week. When I arrived I was extremely nervous. I was walked to the back, told to urine in a cup, and then get undressed. I was... READ MORE

I have a BBL scheduled for June 27th. Can I discontine my phentermine June 13th or does it have to be 1 month prior?

I have heard both, if I can discontinue it 2 wks prior I would be happy with that. My blood pressure is nornal, on the lower side 70% of the time. READ MORE

How can I lower my blood pressure (mainly the bottom number) in 48 hours?

Can someone please help me, please. I started taking Arnica Montana 2 days ago and it raised my blood pressure to 144/100. How can I get this out of... READ MORE

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