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My Wish is to Have Vida Guerra Type Booty, how Many Cc's? (photo)

So I'm getting bbl in march 15, I'm 5'3 140lbs.28 inches waist ,38 inches it possible 900cc? READ MORE

My Bbl Results (Buttocks) Are Way to Big (3 Weeks Post) is There Anything I Can Do to Reduce It?

Im 3 weeks post and I know Im still swollen and still in a early stage but even considering the swelling and losing 30% of the fat I feel as though my... READ MORE

Can I have a round 2 BBL? (Photos)

My ass is deflating even though I had 900 ccs injected into each cheek I want it fuller. I had 5000 cc taken out on my original bbl in February but my... READ MORE

Have I damaged my rear sitting/laying on my butt 4 days post BBL?

My surgeons assistant said it was okay and that no damage should be done. However, I am worried after reading it is not safe...I got 900cc on each... READ MORE

Will a Brazilian Butt Lift of 900cc per butt cheek and 150cc per hip be too much at 5'7 1/2 and 150lbs?

After losing 30lb and being large framed, would getting a Brazilian Butt Lift and fat transfer of 1600-1800cc to butt and 300cc to hips be too much or... READ MORE

Will I have more loose skin after BBL? (Photo)

Hello surgeons!! Thank you for taking your time to review my photos and answering my question. I would to know if I am a good candidate for BBL? Will... READ MORE

Can a BBL be done on a patient my size asking for 800-900cc to each butt cheek and 200-250cc fat to each hip side? (Photo)

I'm 5'7.5 tall, 158lbs and my bmi is 24.48. I would like to have curves, hips and projection and volume for my butt but 1 surgeon told me i need to... READ MORE

How many cc's would be enough to achieve my BBL goal? (Photo)

So I have decided to get a bbl. To the question.. How many cc's would be enough to achieve my goal? Would 900 be enough? I am 6 ft and 150 lbs, 20 in bmi. READ MORE

How many CC's of fat will I need for an hour glass BBL with fat to also create hips? (Photos)

For my wish pic for hip and booty through a Brazilian butt lift and do I have enough fat i weigh 175 pounds, 5,7. I was thinking 900cc's to each cheek... READ MORE

I am 23 years old I do not have any kids first am i eligible for an bbl (photos)

I'm looking forward to getting liposuction and a brazilian butt lift. I weigh 165 and I am 4'11 tall I have always had a shape but after I... READ MORE

I am a 5'5 43 y/o woman who had gastric sleeve surgery in 2014. Now I want a BBL. (photos)

To get some volume back to my "back" after losing over 100lbs....I currently weigh 145lbs and was wondering if 900ccs in each cheek and 250ccs in each... READ MORE

Butt implants or possible fat transfer? (photos)

I am 5'4 and 150 pound recently had breast aug and tt and was told I didnt have enough fat to have the BBL I am open to the butt implants however I... READ MORE

To get my desired look, would I need to gain weight? (Photos)

I'm currently 5 ft. 6 in. and 140lbs. I'd like a natural waist to hip progression and a round, plump booty. Big but proportionate. I was thinking... READ MORE

I have a local soreness and increased pain 5 months after BBL. (photos)

For the first 1-2 months, my butt hurt the least of any operated area. I don't think it even hurt much at all. Starting around month 3, I noticed... READ MORE

21 - 5'8 - 240 lbs. Want a BBL and back fat lipo - should I lose weight before? (photos)

I want a small waist/big butt/hourglass figure (every girls dream) I want the rolls in my back to be lipo-ed out and get a little bit of my tummy. I... READ MORE

I am 140 pounds currently and want to know if I can get a BBL?

My name is Regina I am 140lbs. I want a bbl but not sure if it'll make a difference, and I want at least 900 cc's in each cheek and collaterals is... READ MORE

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