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Braces And/or Invisalign for Crooked Canine Teeth? (photo)

Hi, I'm interested in treating my crooked canine teeth (photos attached) but I'm not sure what the best solution. I'm not worried about my... READ MORE

Best Option for Out-of-place Canine Tooth?

I'm a 21 yr old female who's had braces (and biteplate, spacers, and headgear). See picture. Mostly my teeth are straight, but with a... READ MORE

What Should I Do with my Canine Tooth? It's High Up (photo)

My canine tooth its stuck in there and I don't know what procedure should I do. I'm 13 years old by the way, I had some stuff before but we never... READ MORE

Should I Remove my Top Canine Teeth for Braces?

Hi I just got braces on last week and my ortho has recommended pulling all 4 wisdom teeth and my top bicuspids... I only have a slight over jet,... READ MORE

Can Invisalign Help Bring Down a Canine Tooth?

I had braces on for over 2 years and I just got them off back in December. I've been wearing my retainers as instructed, but for some reason one of my... READ MORE

Cons of Extracting 2 Upper Bicuspids?

Im 15 & just got braces about a month ago. My canines are protruding a little but not a lot. My ortho gave me 3 options to fix my overbite.... READ MORE

How to Fix Large, Wide Canine Teeth? (photo)

Do I need braces to fix my large canine teeth? When I say large, I don't mean sharp. They don't line up with the rest of my teeth and they... READ MORE

My Canine Tooth in Front of Other Teeth. How Can They Go Back in the Right Place? (photo)

I am 46 years old. Already as a little my canine tooth was a little crooked. As the years go by that tooth protruded more and more ahead of other... READ MORE

Why is my orthodontist taking my braces off when I still have spaces in my teeth?

My orthodontist told me today that he will probably take my braces off next time I go, my teeth are all perfect all but a gap I have by my canine... READ MORE

What Is The Best Treatment for Cross-bite Correction with No Canines When You Also Have TMJ? (photo)

Hi, I'm 37 and had my canines surgically removed as a teenager. I then wore braces for 4 years. Now, my bite is becoming increasing crooked. I also... READ MORE

Options for High Canine Teeth?

I had braces for 3 years and they were removed almost 3 years ago. Since having them removed my canine teeth have moved higher up into my gums despite... READ MORE

High canine teeth, what would be my solution? (photo)

Im 21, I know ill probably need braces but im wondering how long it would take for my canines to come down lower with braces? Would I also need to... READ MORE

Will I be needing power chains for my teeth? (photo)

If my canine tooth is higher than the other and the tooth next to it is pushed back in a little further more than the others and the top front tooth... READ MORE

How Long Until a Top Canine (Eye Tooth) Moves? (photo)

After rounds of dental surgery and years of appliances, my teeth are all straight except my top left canine tooth, which is behind or inside of my... READ MORE

Should I Get Braces or Invaslign? (photo)

My canines are high and growing in crooked. READ MORE

How good do Canine Substitutions look?

I am getting this treatment done with braces (missing lateral incisors) I cannot afford to get implants. So I am just wondering if anyone has before... READ MORE

My lateral incisors are peg shaped. What will be the best option available without using veneers or implants? (photos)

I will be having braces and the orthodontist suggested to remove both my lateral incisors and push my canines forward to replace them and shape them... READ MORE

Can I Move Canine Teeth Just with Retainers? (photo)

I have braces in 2008 for one year but i am not completely happy with my canine position. The are a but higher that the other teeth. Can i bring them... READ MORE

Is There A Faster Way To Treat My Teeth? (photo)

I'm 15 years old, and perfectly happy with all my teeth, except for my canine which is tilted severely to the back. It is the only reason why I don't... READ MORE

How long does it take braces to pull down a canine tooth that has already broken through the gum? (photo)

My canine tooth was pulled two years ago, and I have been wearing a retainer with a fake tooth to cover up the gap every since. My dentist has... READ MORE

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