Black Triangles + Braces

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Would Cutting Enamel To Remove Black Triangle Weaken my Teeth?

I am one week away to get my braces off. My teeth looks perfect, except that I have some black triangles formed between my teeth and gum. My... READ MORE

Black Triangle Between Upper Teeth During Braces? (photo)

My upper two front teeth used to overlap, but not anymore, thanks to braces. But I noticed that a small black triangle had formed instead & is... READ MORE

Black Triangle Solution? Now in Braces Treatment...HELP? (photo)

I do have small triangle in between my front 4 teeth. Before i have braces, i only have really small black triangle on the right side..but now i have... READ MORE

Black Triangle in Teeth? (photo)

I am removing braces very soon and I still have a black triangle that i want gone! its very small next to my 2 front seems like it could... READ MORE

Can these black triangles get closed? (photos)

Hi. I just recently got my braces off, but I'm not satisfied with my teeth because of the black triangles. Before I got my braces off, my orthodontist... READ MORE

I am getting my braces off soon and I have black triangles,will this delay the coming off process?

I have braces since 2011 and I'm getting them off in a few weeks time and I'm really looking forward to it but I noticed black triangles. I don't... READ MORE

Dark Triangles After Braces. What Can I Do? (photo)

I have noticed that I have dark triangles for awhile but 2 days ago I just had my braces taken off. I asked my orthodontist if she could do anything... READ MORE

Gap Appeared in Teeth, No Idea Why? (photo)

About 5 days ago I realized I had something "black" between my teeth, I thought it was a piece of food but as I brushed my teeth it didn't go away I... READ MORE

Black triangle from braces or from flossing? Can flossing cause this?

Black triangle from braces or from flossing? can flossing cause this? bonding after treatment of braces? READ MORE

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