Steroid + Botox

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Lumps on forehead after Botox injections? When will they go away? (Photo)

I've gotten Botox injections in my forehead from my dermotologist for a little over 2 years now and have never had an issue. This time, I experienced... READ MORE

Botox Effects when Youre a User of Anabolic Steroids?

I have gotten Botox in the past, not while on a cycle of anabolic steroids. This time around I am on a cycle of Winstrol, Clenbuterol and Anavar. I... READ MORE

Puffy eyes after Botox treatment. (photo)

I hat Botox treatment 14 days ago on my forehead and the sides of my eyes. 4 days for ago, my eyes became so puffy I have no idea what to do with that... READ MORE

Dry Eye Medication with Botox?

Dear Dr. I was wondering if having botox done on my eyebrow while getting treatment for my dry eye would be a problem Such as Steroidal drops or any... READ MORE

Botox and the Sinus?

I have had a pollop opp and i still have terrible sinus problems I am on steroids to control it but the side effects are killing me with out the... READ MORE

Will taking an oral steroid, Anavar, interfere with Botox or Juvederm injections??

I am currently on my first cycle of a oral steroid called anavar and I am going to get some more Botox and lip fillers(juverderm). I am a little... READ MORE

Can I have Botox to reduce masseter muscles whilst on anabolic steroids (anavar)?

I am a female interested in getting botox to reduce the size of my masseter muscles, due to a wide jaw and something that I have always had from a... READ MORE

Botox reaction

I got Botox done 10 days ago been having botox done for nearly 3 years to frown and forehead lines i go to a broad certified plastic surgeon but this... READ MORE

Can I get Botox if I have been experiencing angioedema from other treatments? (Photos)

1st reaction with eyelash extensions, woke the next am to swollen eyes. I'd been doing my lashes for a year, had experienced some itching &... READ MORE

Follow-up Question: After Botox: Swelling now under both eyes. (photos)

I posted a while back (2 months) about sudden swelling under my eye. After trying antibiotic. Eye drops and steroids. It still remains and now my... READ MORE

Can I have injectable fillers and Botox at the same time as receiving steroid injections for swelling post-rhinoplasty?

I had a rhinoplasty on 27th Jan. I have booked in with a different doctor on 21st April to have a top up of lip and cheek fillers along with Botox. I... READ MORE

I have been on deca durabolin steroid cycle and am getting Botox injections on monday. Will there be a problem?

The cycle only stopped last thursday. I have gotten botox after a cycle and everything was fine. Do I have to worry about clotting or worse? READ MORE

Can Botox injections help minimize my arm lift scars during healing?

I read that wounds in animated areas, can heal better if botulinum toxin is injected. Can BOTOX injections help minimize my arm lift scars during... READ MORE

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