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Can Botox That is Injected Between Eyebrows Go into Sinuses and Drain Down Throat ?

Can Botox That is Injected Between Eyebrows Go into Sinuses and Drain Down Throat ? READ MORE

Botox for Sinus Headache Caused by Vacuum Swelling Pressure?

I get extreme sinus headaches due to a vacuum pressure created in the nasal eye area...Could botox help.... READ MORE

I had Botox injections in my forehead 5 days ago and had almost immediate sinus issues. Can they be related?

This is the third time I have had Botox and the only side effect I have ever had was a slight headache. This time, I noticed that one of the... READ MORE

Tension in Head 5 Days Post Botox?

Had Botox 5 Days Ago for Crows Feet but the Tension in my Head and Temple is Terrible Feels Like my Sinuses is Blocked is This Normal? READ MORE

Botox and the Sinus?

I have had a pollop opp and i still have terrible sinus problems I am on steroids to control it but the side effects are killing me with out the... READ MORE

Couldn't botox be injected into the sinuses or surrounding area to open the sinuses & stop the mucus creating?

I'm constantly on clarintyne 2 a day once in morning once in evening.I avoid mucus creating foods, have no cold drinks but drink plenty of fluids,... READ MORE

Botox side effects?

I got botox for the second time 6 days ago. I had 15 units injected before, this was increased to 20 in between my eyes and on my forehead. 2 hours... READ MORE

Sinus Surgery - Timing of Botox/Juvaderm Injections?

I am having sinus surgery in a few weeks - is it safe to get botox and juvederm prior to the surgery - or should I wait until after the surgery (and... READ MORE

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