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Scared of Botox For Forehead Lines- What Are The Risks?

Hi, I am 29 and I have horizontal forehead lines on my forehead that make me look older. I would love to have botox but im terrified of it. what are... READ MORE

Nervous About Trying Botox...

I have consulted with a plastic surgeon, who has suggested the following: 1. 24 units for crows feet. 2. 15 units for a brow lift. 3. 16 units for... READ MORE

20 units of Botox in chin too much?

I have had 6 units of Botox in my chin before for a pebble chin previously. I ended up going to another doctor and I told him how much I had last time... READ MORE

I am so scared & sick after Botox. Is it possible I may die from this?

I am so sick after Botox. I so hoped it was not the Botox as no one really knows the long term effects it will have on your health. I kept track over... READ MORE

I opted for Botox only in my middle upper forehead. Now I have Hyper-glabellar area. Can this be fixed? (Photos)

I got 6 units of Botox to frontalis from a Board Certified PS. At one week i saw bulging and Spocking. I called and He said I probably need Glabbelar... READ MORE

Can Botox spread?

So I really want to get jaw Botox to shrink and reshape my jaw I have seen great results. However I'm scared Botox can spread is that possible? What... READ MORE

I had Botox for the first time last week and I'm exhibiting some symptoms that scare me, should I be concerned?

I had Botox for the first time last Friday (today is Sunday) and I am exhibiting some symptoms that scare me. My urine is cloudy and my throat hurts... READ MORE

I had botox injections yesterday, and less than 24 hours later got the chipmunk smile

Had botox for years, no issue. the chipmunk look happened 2 months ago, Lasted 6 weeks. yesteday i went to a MASTER trainer injectior for a botox brow... READ MORE

Can botox spread to your vital organs? Is 45 units a lot for your first time? (photos)

I've had a consultation and booked my appointment for next week. It's my first time having botox and it's been recommended I have 45 units for the... READ MORE

Had Botox in forehead and between brows 2 weeks ago (25 units total) & it worked but now slightly hooded eyes? (Photos)

I went to reputable plastic surgeon (1st time Botox) who told me only possible side effect was that it doesn't always work. He said he's never had... READ MORE

Botox injection for crows feet?

I'm 37 and I had botox injections for crows feet yesterday, I really need to know if I still have to sleep on my back for several dayes or not ? coz... READ MORE

Follow-up Question: After Botox: Swelling now under both eyes. (photos)

I posted a while back (2 months) about sudden swelling under my eye. After trying antibiotic. Eye drops and steroids. It still remains and now my... READ MORE

Can botox get in your eye through the injection?

I received botox today for my 11 lines. During the injection I felt as if the botox was shooting into my eye. Specifically the tear duct area. Is this... READ MORE

Bad reaction to Botox injections in neck for whiplash severe pain.

Are there any neurologists or other specialists who have given Botox for neck pain and patient had horrible reaction: pain in neck, spread down arms... READ MORE

Can botox solve a situation where a person's eyes have the "staring", "frightened", or "surprised" look?

Hello, While I do understand that face structure, tear trough, and tiredness in general can contribute to someone's eyes looking like they are... READ MORE

Why do I have the lump of skin in between my eyes after botox to glabellar? (Photo)

I had botox in the forehead and glabellar in november 2016, i am still suffering badly with heaviness but what has upset most is the lump of skin that... READ MORE

Botox side effects?

I am having botox on the 24th june. However, im scared i will get anaphylactic shock which can kill you. Also im worried that the chemicals will shoot... READ MORE

Bell's palsy and Botox - is it safe? (photo)

I had Botox in my chin and it resulted with a crooked mouth and a smile when I talk , I know that the Botox was not injected correctly and it stays... READ MORE

Scared of puffy/droopy eyelids from Botox.

Hi. I would like to get a botox brow lift, to lift not only the lateral brow but I would also like a slight lift of the medial brow. Is that possible... READ MORE

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