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How Long Does Botox Take to Work?

I am 24. My frown lines are very deep especially for my age. I had botox twice. I am not able to frown, however, I have not seen a difference in my... READ MORE

Why Didn't Botox Work on my 11's?

I've had botox three times within a six week period. Today my dr. injected a sronger dose, and told me if this amount doesn't work then... READ MORE

I Think my Botox Injections Didn't Work, Is This Possible?

On Friday, I got 38 units injected into my forehead, crows feet, and area between my eyebrows. It's been over 72 hours and I see no effects.... READ MORE

Immune to Botox?

I am 53 years old and I have had Botox injections on 5 separate occasions from 5 different board certified doctors hoping that I would see results. I... READ MORE

I Did Botox 2 Days Ago the Same Wrinkles Are There, When Will I See Results?

I Did Botox 2 Days Ago the Same Wrinkles Are There, When Will I See Results? READ MORE

Is Botox Really Meant for You to Look Younger?

I was really excited two weeks ago because I was getting botox done for my eyes. I am disappointed that it did not make me look any younger at all! I... READ MORE

Had Botox Injections for Forehead and Under Eyebrow, Why am I More Droopy then Before?

Eyelids are laying on my eyelashes after two different injections to fix major frowning. Should I go back for more? READ MORE

Does It Take Months for Botox to Correct the Brow Furrow?

I received my first treatment of Botox 6 weeks ago. The doctor said that I only needed 16 units as my brow furrow wasn't that bad. After 2 weeks I... READ MORE

I Had Botox in my Upper and Lower Forhead Area (Only) but Now I Look Angry All the Time?

I have recently had a botox treatment. The problem is I can not raise my eyebrows very much at all now but I can still frown very hard and even in a... READ MORE

Botox & Dysport No Longer Working as Well, Suggestions?

Botox and Dysport no longer effective on brow area. I've used the same doctor for several years; lately, it's not working as well as it used... READ MORE

Not Seeing Results With Botox Around the Eyes

I have had botox around the eyes,the crowsfeet area about 7 days ago, I had it done as even though I havent got bad lines when my face is stationary,... READ MORE

Botox is Not Working To Lift My Brows, and My Outer Eyebrows Are Frozen

I am 22. I had botox next to the outer part of my eyebrows and eyes in march and the results were amazing lifting my eyebrows. After one month I put... READ MORE

Male Wanting A Botox Browlift- 4 Days and No Results (photo)

I have had 5 units of Botox to lift my brow, so that my eyelids will look lifted, do men have resistant brows?. It is day 4 and I cannot see any... READ MORE

Do Some Providers Water Down Botox? I Recently Received 60 Units to Remove the 11's and Can Still See Them.

Do Some Providers Water Down Botox? I Recently Received 60 Units to Remove the 11's and Can Still See Them. READ MORE

Botox. I Am 43 and Had my First Botox Treatement 8 Weeks Ago (50 Units)

The area of my brow worked but crows feet and bunny lines didnt.(well,very slightly) I went back 2 weeks later for top up (40 units) - still no change... READ MORE

Post Botox 11s Lines Still Slightly Appearing, How To Treat This?

My main issues to which I resorted to getting Botox was my glabella "11" lines. in my particular case, its really "1" since one... READ MORE

Why is my Forehead Still Wrinkly 2 Weeks After Botox? (photo)

Two weeks ago I had 90 units of Botox to the forehead, crows feet and elevens, administer by My kids Orthodontist. I new I should have run out of... READ MORE

Botox in the Upper Lip Wasn't Effective All over and Didn't Last Long. Should I Have More Injections and Have Them Once a Month?

My lips purse quite a lot when I speak and even when I'm not doing anything. My mouth is getting more drawn in and I'd like to break this... READ MORE

I Have Had 3 Botox Treatments Within a Month and I Still Look Angry? :( Please Help!

Hello, Thank you in advance. I have been back to have my 3rd botox treatment (3 days ago) as I am still looking angry, I feel like my brows are... READ MORE

Wrinkles Have Returned Only a Few Months After Botox, Is That Normal?

I had botox a few months back and now I can see the wrinkles come out again, which means my botox doesn't work anymore. READ MORE

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