Male Wanting A Botox Browlift- 4 Days and No Results (photo)

I have had 5 units of Botox to lift my brow, so that my eyelids will look lifted, do men have resistant brows?. It is day 4 and I cannot see any difference. When, will at all, I see a result?, or am I wasting my time. When can it be done again, and how many units do I need ?

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Brow Lift with Botox for Men

Despite the photo, it does not demonstrate before/after results in order for this to be a tool in providing feedback.  However, receiving only 5 units total is considered, in our opinion, under dosing.   Typically, we inject 5 units EACH side of the tail of the eybrow in addition to 20 units (average) between the eyebrows to obtain an inner and outer brow lift of the brows. 

A common misunderstanding is that a 'brow lift" involves dosing the forehead.  On the contrary, a brow lift is achieved by treating the muscle around the eyes as well as the frown muscles between the eyebrows.

The below link demonstrates this technique.



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Incorrect dosage and placement

To lift the male eyebrow with Botox, you need to inactivate the muscles that pull down the eyebrow.  Those muscles lie between the eyes (glabella) and at the crows feet (lateral canthi).  To inactive these muscles does higher than 5 units are required.  In women the forehead is also treated in order to create a feminine 'arch' to the eyebrow. This injection technique is not advised in men who have a flat eyebrow shape. - Dr. Keaney 

Terrence Keaney, MD
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Male Wanting A Botox Browlift- 4 Days and No Results

Botox is great for lifting the eyebrows and many of my patients love the end results. It may be that you were under dosed and might not see a difference. I usually recommend 10-15 units to see full correction, male patients may require more due to how strong their muscle movement is. Wait 6-10 days to see your final result and go back to see your physician. 

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Botox browlift in a man

Firstly, I would wait 2 weeks after any Botox injection before deciding if more is required. 5 units for a male is not a lot to lift the eyelids, so you may need more. At the same time, sometimes a surgical lift is required. Make sure to have your injections performed by a highly trained and experienced physician such as a dermatologist for optimal results. ~ Dr. Benjamin Barankin, Toronto Dermatology Centre.

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Botox Browlift

5 units is usually not enough to elevate the brows.  However, wait a full two weeks for maximum effect.  If your are still not satisfied, seek more treatment.  Botox done correctly is a very satisfactory treatment for this condition.

Robert Strimling, MD
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5 units is far below what it takes to treat the brow muslces

The starting amount for treating the glabella which is that area between and just above the eyebrows is 20-25 units.  Men can sometimes need more due to stronger and larger muscles.  The results are seen within 3-5 days and you will usually see the full effect  at about 10-14 days.   You can visit the  website for the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery or the American Society of Plastic Surgeons  to find a provider in your area.

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Allow 10 Days for Maximum Results When Using Botox

Maximum effect may take up to ten days when using Botox. However, depending upon the reconstitution ration, 5 units may not be enough. Most offices offer a 'touch up' service at a discounted price. I recommend contacting the office you were treated at for further recommendation.

Visit the link below for more information on Botox Cosmetic!

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Botox brow lift

Five units is a subclinical dosage to achieve an improvement. Generally, I would use a minimum of 4-6 units per side. Without examining the degree of ptosis in your brows, one cannot reach a definitive conclusion as to whether Botox is the appropriate treatment. Also, I advise patience. Botox can take a bit longer to act and, if the treatment was insufficient, additional therapy can be undertaken.

Robert L. Kraft, MD, FACS
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Botox and brow

At four days after botox injection, it is a bit early to see results. usuallt the Botox kicks in within about a week. Sometimes a bit longer. I usually have people follow-up in two weeks to see what the result is.

Steven Wallach, MD
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5 units of BOTOX is a very small dose.

I would advise you to lower your expectations.  You received a very small dose of BOTOX.  I do not think your injecting physician knows what they are doing.  You might try a different injector.  Also look at my website to learn about the microdroplet BOTOX forehead lift.

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
Beverly Hills Oculoplastic Surgeon
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