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Developed a Rash Soon After Botox - What is the Cure?

I had many botox injections before, but this one made me itch all over, mainly hands, wrists, back of my neck and legs. I also get red burning spots... READ MORE

Itchy Rash After Botox

I Got an Itchy Rash After Botox , It Has Been 6wks and It's Still Not Gone, How Long Will It Last? READ MORE

Problem with a Topical Botox Application?

My eye area is very red, swollen, itchy & painful. There was botox in a foundation I tried yesterday. I look like I've gone several rounds with a... READ MORE

Botox Caused Me to Break Out. I Am 40 Years Old. Started Getting Botox Last Year?

Not like regular pimples. Bumps that stay for a very very long time. Not 3-5 days. Weeks! They itch. Some little some big. I have not had acne since I... READ MORE

Can botox cause dry skin?

Can botox cause dry skin? I have been getting botox for about 4 years now and this past time it seems that my forehead has been so dry and sometimes a... READ MORE

I Am Having Severe Swelling, Itchy Rash on Face, Arms, Chest and Flu Like Symptoms After Botox. Is This an Allergic Reaction?

I am having severe swelling, itchy acute rash on face, arms, chest and flu-like symptoms after Botox. I have been having Botox for many years. I have... READ MORE

Ugly Swollen Itchy Welt After Botox, Will It Ever Go Away or I Just Ruined my Face for Good?

I got botox for the first time 2 months ago in my forehead and in the crows feet.I had a small bump at the incision site, on the outer corner of my... READ MORE

Itchy forehead after Botox. Could that be to do with the injections?

I have a localised hitchy forhead the day after Botox injection, where the injections have been done and there s a little swelling and mild redness.... READ MORE

Itchy Rash 9 Hours After Botox?

I still have it and I keep getting a few hives that come and go. My doctor put me on prednisone and benedryl - still no relief. I did not use any... READ MORE

Has Anyone Heard of a Botox Allergy That Develops over Time? I've Noticed Allergy-like Symptoms After my Last 3 Treatments.

I've been getting Botox 3x/yr in my glabella area for a decade. I've never had any issues, however, after my last 3 treatments I've developed... READ MORE

Weeks after botox I have swollen eyelids & skin at corners of my eyes is rough & itchy. What can I use to heal it?

I had botox on my forehead and now (weeks later) have droopy, swollen eyelids and the skin near the corners of my eyes (and under my eyes) is rough,... READ MORE

Am I having a bad reaction to Botox? And how to solve it?

3 days after botox on forehead, I woke up with very dry discolored patchy skin. As the day went on my skin seemed inflammed. It is now 2 weeks since... READ MORE

I received botox in my forehead 20 days ago. Could it be affecting my eyelid almost 3 weeks later? (photo)

This is not the first time but I did get a little more this time because I wanted my wrinkles GONE. She was careful not to go too low because my... READ MORE

Can Botox cause full body hives? Can I ever have Botox again? How do I find out for sure it was the Botox? (photos)

The only thing I could relate the reaction to was the Botox. It started with small itchy bumps on my elbows, knees and ankles then within a few days... READ MORE

Small itchy rash/bumps on eyebrow after Botox injection. Any suggestions?

I have had botox for the first time it went very well and I am pleased with it but on one of the injection sites by my eyebrow I have a little rash... READ MORE

I got Botox on Tuesday and I now have an itchy scalp is this normal?

What should I do and if it is not should I contact my neurologist?  READ MORE

Hives on Right arm and right buttocks 4.5 hours after botox. I'm mild asthmatic I get allergies.

Hi, I had 14 units of botox (first time)for brow lift, 4.5 hours later I got bad hives on upper right arm, and little on butt. some general itchiness... READ MORE

Can Botox cause random itchy sensations over the whole body?

I have been getting botox injections in my face for the last 3 years. I have never had a reaction. 48 hours ago I got about 20 units (two weeks shy of... READ MORE

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