Inflammation + Botox

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Why Do I Have a Bloodshot Eye and Pain in Eye 3 Days After Botox?

I recently had Botox injected into my forehead and between my brows 30 units total. 2 days later, I woke up to pain in my right eye, and a very... READ MORE

Had Botox Around Lips Before Falling and Scraping up Face, Face has been Inflamed for 1 Week, Should I be Worried?

Scraping my chin and upper lip..swelled up now inflamed for the past 6 days..been using a and d ointment..can the botox been stalling... READ MORE

Am I having a bad reaction to Botox? And how to solve it?

3 days after botox on forehead, I woke up with very dry discolored patchy skin. As the day went on my skin seemed inflammed. It is now 2 weeks since... READ MORE

I have Graves' disease with the eye involvement - can I still use Botox or dysport in my glabelar region?

I had radioactive iodine treatment 8 months ago which triggered the eye problems buldging. The buldging is caused my inflammation behind the eyeball... READ MORE

Sinus infection immediately after Botox. Will these side effects subside soon?

I have developed a dreadful sinus infection almost as an immediate reaction after only get 6 units of botox in my forehead. The pressure is horrendous... READ MORE

Can Botox cause an inflammatory response and if so, to what extent/how long? Thanks!

I've used Botox for hyperhidrosis in the past. Recently I've dealt w/an inflammatory response to a combo of toxins and possibly foods/medications but... READ MORE

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