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My Botox Has Gone Wrong- Eyes Are Puffy With Hooded Lids. What to Do?

I had botox 4 days ago and i look terrible.I have been getting botox on and off for about 6 years now and i never had any trouble until now. I went to... READ MORE

Will Botox fix hooded eyes, or do I need an invasive procedure? (Photos)

I want to be able to wear winged eyeliner and it not be hidden. As well as my eyeshadow actually shows instead of just seeing black eyeliner. Botox... READ MORE

How Young is TOO Young for a Botox Eyebrow Lift? (photo)

I have a slight hooded eye and my eyebrows lie flat across my face. When I relax the muscles in my forehead, my eyelids droop and my eyebrows fall.... READ MORE

Follow up: 48 hours ago I had 8-12 units of Botox in upper forehead. Is that a conservative amount for upper forehead?

I asked a question about eyelid hooding and eyebrow dropping a few days ago. It's been 5 full days post and the slightly bad results are worse:( I am... READ MORE

2 Months Post Botox my Eyelids Are Hooded (Sagging) and Very Uneven. Will It Resolve? (photo)

Anything I Can Do to Make It Look Better? 1 yr ago, first treat at 38 y/o on my forehead and around eyes. My brows dropped and my eyelids become very... READ MORE

Hooding after Botox?

Hello, I had Botox injected 3 weeks ago for brow lift. It was actually injected in upper frontalis, which I now realize is the reason my brows... READ MORE

How to achieve a Botox brow lift?

I went to a med spa recently because I have hooded eyelids and really wanted a brow lift. She basically injected all around my upper forehead and also... READ MORE

Am I a candidate for a Botox eyelid/brow lift? Or is eyelid surgery my best option for my hooded eyes? (photos)

Hello I am 25 years old and have dreaded hooded eyes and low brows. Hooded eyes do run in the family I also have had some weight gain in the past and... READ MORE

How to correct lopsided/hooded eyes? (photos)

I am unsure of exactly what makes my eyes do this, which is why I don't truly know what I need. I've heard simply botox for my hooded lids or an... READ MORE

I have been using Botox for nearly 8 years for brow lift. I started hooding. Any suggestions? (photos)

I have been using Botox for nearly 8 years for brow lift. I recently moved out of state. After consulting several docs in new area, I choose an eye dr... READ MORE

Does the look of Botox change over the first 2 weeks?

I had botox 6 days ago and my hooded eyes are becoming more heavy and hooded. I have previously had botox twice elsewhere, and noticed within the... READ MORE

23 Asian female with hooded eyes. Would you recommend me a Botox brow lift first before I have a surgical lift? (Photo)

I have double eyelids that are cover by excess skin. I am born this way and it's not due to aging. I would like to see my double eyelid a little bit... READ MORE

I had Botox for the first time and now my brows feel heavy and low. Could more Botox help? (photos)

I'm 24 and wanted to try some light Botox for the first time. I had 2 areas injected and the doctor seemed to be very knowledgable. However, since the... READ MORE

I'm 22 year old and looking at Botox/dysport. Is this too young?

What age is it typically recommended to get Botox injections? I'm 22 and I'm starting to notice fine lines.. By no way are they very noticeable but I... READ MORE

Would botox help with hooded eyes or would I benefit more from a procedure to remove some skin? (Photo)

I have hooded eyes or excess skin on my eyelids. I am 25 and feel like is a hereditary condition for me. READ MORE

Can Botox lift hooded/drooping eyelids and eyebrows? (photos)

I have hooded eyes and slightly hooded eyebrows that I would like to correct. Is it possible to do that with Botox injection? It's a big insecurity... READ MORE

I am 62 years of age, had Botox in my forehead 2 and a half weeks ago, now got very hooded eyes

Dropped eyebrows after botox, I look like a lizard. The practitioner has said she will inject on inner eyebrow to give a lift, will this help at all? READ MORE

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