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Cost of Botox for Frown Lines Alone?

Plese give me an average price for a botox procedure just involving frown lines betwween the eyebrows READ MORE

How Will Botox in the Glabella Region Affect my Ability to Raise my Eyebrows?

I am considering Botox to my glabella region to relax the muscles in that area that are starting to cause a permanent vertical ridge (no deep wrinkles... READ MORE

Will Uneven Botox Results Get Better?

I had Botox 3 weeks ago in between my eyebrows. I was told this would help give my eyes a little lift, since I don't have bad scowl lines in between... READ MORE

Is it Okay to Get Botox to Frown Lines Only and Not Forehead as Well?

I'm planning to get my frown lines treated. The dr who has been recommended to me by friends charges by each location and I only have money to pay... READ MORE

Will Icing Help Lump After Botox Injection?

Just had Botox injection in my glabella, now have a lump there. Can I use ice immediately after injection? READ MORE

When Getting Botox for "11s", do I Need to Also have Injections Above the Eyebrows? (photo)

It's my understanding that Botox for the "11s" is injected between the brows and also in a line above the eyebrows. Do you HAVE to have... READ MORE

High Eyebrow Arch on Sides After Botox

I had Botox in my glabella area. It all looks fine, but when I raise my eyebrows, they stay down near my nose and raise up high with a real arch at... READ MORE

Why Doesnt Botox Last More Than 2 Months on Me? I Have Had It on Four Occasions with a Rep Injecting Very High Doses Same Result

I have had botox on my forehead and in between eyes and on each occasion the botox has worn off in less than 2 months,The botox company rep cam out... READ MORE

Do I Run the Risk of Eyebrow Drooping if I Have Botox Injected in Glabella?

Im getting married next month and decided do botox in glabella. Ive read that is safer because there is minimal risk of eyebrow drop or any other... READ MORE

Does Botox Work Faster in Forehead Vs Glabella?

Hi, I just received my first Botox treatment on Tuesday for my 11 lines (20 units) and forehead (6 units). I understand it can take up to 2 weeks to... READ MORE

Botox and Icing Right After Injection?

Got Botox yesterday. The doctor injected 20 units to the glabella and surrounding upper eyebrows. Once he was finished, he applied moderate/gentle... READ MORE

Why my Bruise is Yellow Post 2 Weeks of Botox? (photo)

Its been two weeks since my botox. Done 3 areas forhead, eyes, glubella. Aon left side of crows feer injection site near eye bruise turned yellow, I... READ MORE

High Arched Brow After Botox in Glabella and Forehead?

I had botox in my glabellar and forehead regions approximately one week ago and now I have one brow that arches significantly higher than the other... READ MORE

Does Exercising Within 4 Days of Botox Make It Wear off Faster?

The doctor who administered Botox to my glabella told me not to raise my heart rate for 4 DAYS following the injection -- no yard work, no working... READ MORE

Does It Take Months for Botox to Correct the Brow Furrow?

I received my first treatment of Botox 6 weeks ago. The doctor said that I only needed 16 units as my brow furrow wasn't that bad. After 2 weeks I... READ MORE

Can glabella botox lift medial/inner brows?

I raise my eyebrows a lot because it looks better and my brows/eyelids feel heavy otherwise. I recently had botox to lift the lateral brows, but the... READ MORE

Is Botox a Good Option for Glabella Wrinkles?

I just recently got botox to treat my glabella area however i more have a "1" than an "11" because my left muscle is significantly... READ MORE

Using 25 Units Max In The Glabella, What Are The Best Spots For Botox Injection?

I would like to know excatly where best for injections of botox for glabella only region, no forehead. Would they be slightly different when forehead... READ MORE

Botox to the Glabella Caused Under Eye Bags, Is This Normal? What Can I Do? (photo)

I had 8 units of Botox to the upper forehead a week ago. I went back because a still had a few lines above my brows. The doctor said i needed to have... READ MORE

I have crackle sound/feeling in skin after Botox. Is this normal?

Had botox for 1st time 24 hrs ago. After home from my appt my skin crackled when I scrunched (between my eyebrows). I heard this same cracking sound... READ MORE

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