Eye Drops + Botox

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Droopy Eyelid, and Blurred Vision Which is Affecting my Driving, and Causing Me to Feel Nauseous and Dizzy

I have been having botox without incident for a couple of years, including forehead...eyes only minimal. One week post injection, my L eyelid began to... READ MORE

If I Use Iopidine for a Droopy Eye Lid After Botox, Will the Botox Stop Working?

If I Use Iopidine for a Droopy Eye Lid After Botox, Will the Botox Stop Working? READ MORE

My eyes are crusty, red and watery after botox in forehead, between my eyes and for crows feet. When will it improve?

My eyes are crusty when I wake up in the morning. I can't wear my contacts anymore or makeup. The symptoms started about 10 days after botox... READ MORE

Puffy eyes after Botox treatment. (photo)

I hat Botox treatment 14 days ago on my forehead and the sides of my eyes. 4 days for ago, my eyes became so puffy I have no idea what to do with that... READ MORE

My upper eyelid has been drooping for 8 months since I last got Botox, with no improvement. Is this permanent?

I returned to the technician and was given eye drops. I used the drops for a while but without improvement. Now, 8 months later, my eyelid is still... READ MORE

Which eye drops can I use to reduce the swelling of eye bags caused by botox?

I had botox in crows feet 8 days ago. I have been left with a bruise and a large puffy eye bag under my right eye. Is there any drops I can use that... READ MORE

Droopy Eye After Botox.

I got botox 15 days ago. on the 3erd day after botox my eyelid started to fall. Is there anything I can do to make the eyelid lift. I stared to use... READ MORE

Eye drops and bags after Botox?

Hello,its 4 weeks since my botox injections,i have frown,eyes & head lines injected.i am now left with eye bags are really awful droopy lids.will... READ MORE

I got Botox injected in forehead one week ago and I've acquired a lazy eye. I bought eye drops recommended to help.

The eyedrops are hardly helping. Would a tens unit possibly aid in my recovery to lift my lid again? READ MORE

Scary stories of Botox not wearing off. Neural paralysis?

Worried as eyelids puffy and heavy, not open as usual. Only injected in brow not out to the sides. Please tell me this will resolve. I had voluma in... READ MORE

Hayfever eye drops after Botox?

Hi I had Botox 3 days ago I have been suffering with terrible hayfever is it ok to use eye drops? Or should I wait 2 weeks ? Thanks READ MORE

Should I continue to use prescribed eye drops or contact the doctor for some other drops? (Photo)

After 5 days of my Botox injection, my right eyelid started to droop. The plastic surgeon who administered the Botox prescribed me Apraclonidine... READ MORE

I had an eye lift surgery done 4 months ago and my right eye is still drooping.

Dr told me to use IOPIDINE OP 0.5% bid for a month The eyelid is still drooping when drops aren't used. For how long should I use these drops. READ MORE

Can special eye drops cure a drooping upper eyelid (only one eye) because of Botox injection in the eyelids for Blepharospasm?

Hi, I have received botox injections in the 4 eyelids(upper,lower) to treat Blepharospasm, first time 6 monts ago and the second time 5 months ago.... READ MORE

Eyelid drops after botox being injected? Are iopidine eye drops good solution for me? (Photo)

I did botox on April 5th, I woke up on April 10th like this and I got panicked. This is my 3rd time that I am doing treatment and first time that... READ MORE

Left eyelid fell a week after Botox for blephorospasm. What are my options based on the facts below?

I received 3 injections around each eye; right done weeks earlier. In years prior a trusted plastic surgeon treated for this & migraines. Per my... READ MORE

Eye drops for droopy eyebrows after the Botox for 11s didn't work? (Photo)

The clinic is a 6 hour round trip and I would rather not go there after they were so unhelpful. I have heard there are eye drops that can help? Are... READ MORE

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