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Forehead Dent?

Hey i noticed i have a dent in my forehead and it bothers me alot i can see it in certain lighting, i was just wondering if there is anything i can do... READ MORE

Strange Hollow Dents Between Eyes After Botox

I could see the difference on my forehead however; I had two strange hollow indents between my eyes when I would raise my eyebrows that REALLY stand... READ MORE

Botox Left Strange Dents in Forehead and Temple Area

Had 2 seperate botox treatment from an 'asthetic specialist' that has done botox treatments for over 15 years. I looked great till the botox... READ MORE

Loss of Volume in a Short Period of Time? (photo)

I lost a lot of facial volume over very short period of time (less than a year). I did not loose any weight! I believe it has something to do with... READ MORE

What Could Have Caused a Tiny Hole/dent in my Skin After Botox?

I had botox treatment almost 2 weeks ago and have noticed a tiny dent or hole on the surface of my skin, above my right eyebrow,right where the needle... READ MORE

Botox In Crows Feet Looks Weird and Causes More Crinkles?

I was apprehensive about getting botox but looking forward to getting rid of the wrinkles around my eyes which are so bad. Im a 30 yr old male. The... READ MORE

Does Botox Move Around?

Three weeks after first botox treatment, i noticed a dent on the left side of forehead, just above eyebrow. Went away by next day but not completely.... READ MORE

I had botox 14 weeks ago. Will the dents in my forehead smooth over or do I need filler? (Photo)

This seems to have got worse all of a sudden. I also have a smaller dent by my eyebrow and wrinkles where I didn't have wrinkles before. Is this... READ MORE

How do I get rid of dent between eyebrows? (photos)

For as long as I remember (mid teens) I've had a pronounced dent in between my eyebrows. I initially considered botox, but I've felt the bone below... READ MORE

Dents at Outer Corner of my Eyes (From Botox?)

I have been getting Botox injected for crows feet for only about a year. I now have noticed a shadow or "dent" where the Botox was injected. My... READ MORE

I got botox on Friday and now notice a dent in my forehead.

I got botox on Friday and now notice a dent in my forehead today that was not there Friday morning, or ever. its a inch ling and runs up and down not... READ MORE

I Had Botox Inject to the Sides of my Nose and Bridge from a Derm and It Has Left Dents in my Nose? Will These Go Away?

I had a revision rhinoplasty about a year ago with extensive grafting, etc, My derm told me that injecting botox across the bridge or down the sides... READ MORE

I Had Botox 6 1/2 Months Ago. 26 Units in All 1 Under Low Lashes?

I unit directly under each eye lid I now have dent in left cheek n bags under eyes.. What is happening to my face? READ MORE

Botox left dent in forehead - adding a filler left dent and bump what to do? (photos)

I had my second Botox treatment in December 2015. It was 30 units for my forehead lines .in August it was 45 units . A couple of weeks after this... READ MORE

I had Botox in glabella, scowl lines, and lateral brow. Dent near lateral brow next morning. Is it pressure from icing? 18 units

Botox yesterday & notice dent in my temple next to outer brow this morning. Didn't touch it for two hours. Sat up for hours, working at computer. Iced... READ MORE

Vertical dent in forehead. Any suggestions? (photos)

I'm 30 years old 2 weeks ago I notice a vertical dent on my forehead I had Botox 3days ago and it has not helped iron it out why has this dent... READ MORE

I had botox treatment. Are the dents in my forehead temporary?

After Botox treatment i noticed two vertical dents in my forehead. will they disappear after the botox has worn off? READ MORE

What to do to fix dent in middle of forehead and eyebrows? (Photos)

I appear to have a protruding brow bone, but the center of my forehead appears to lack tissue which casts a dent in most lighting. Could this be... READ MORE

I believe botox has made me ill. I haven't had a treatment for 6 years. Why do I have dents where botox was administered?

I have been ill now for a very long time. Looking back years ago before all the side effects came out I would say I have every single one or have at... READ MORE

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