Crepey Skin + Botox

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Celebrity "Super Botox" - Why Can't We Get It?

Although I have been told that Botox cannot treat the wrinkles under the eyes that are caused by smiling, there seem to be actresses whose smiles do... READ MORE

Can Botox injections help crepey neck skin?

The crepey skin on my neck has come on really fast and looks awful and I am only 40 - None of my friends my age seem to have it! It's really bothering... READ MORE

Crepey under eyes and pronounced lines under eyes after Botox. Any suggestions?

I had botox done in my crows feet area even though i did not really have many wrinkles, Probably didn't really need it, but I got it done. I was happy... READ MORE

Botox/filler Should I Do It Now or Wait Til I'm Older and Really Need It?

36 yrs old and no Botox or anything yet but have noticed some slight crepiness under my eyes when I smile. It's not terrible but it bothers me... READ MORE

What filler is best for hollows under eyes? (Photos)

I have very thin skin under my eyes that show up purple and the hollows have very crepey skin. READ MORE

Botox effects after 10 years? (Photo)

I have been getting botox for over 10 years on my forehead. It now looks thin and crepe like.I have not hadit done for over 6 months to see improve... READ MORE

I am 34yrs old with obvious neck bands and an unsightly crepey skin between them. Would botox and juvederm hydrate help?

I am 34yrs old with prominant neck bands and a crepey area between them which bothers me constantly. I am highly self conscious of my neck area now... READ MORE

Botox Has Made Eyelid Lines Worse?

Have been having botox for about 8 years, some good results and some not so good..i'm 42 and in the last year or so my eyelids are becoming quite... READ MORE

What causes creping at nose after botox?

The first time I had botox on lower/upper forehead and crows feet I developed scrunching/creping wrinkles at side of nose which disapated when botox... READ MORE

I have what I consider to be severe smile related under eye creases and wrinkles; what are my best options to remedy? (photo)

You can see that my right eye is worse than my left. I also have bumpy crepe-like skin. This picture is about 8 weeks after Botox for my crow's feet. READ MORE

Breastfeeding and would like facial fillers/botox, is it safe?

What is the medical opinion on getting botox and/or filler while breastfeeding? Should I wait until no longer bfing? Also, what is the stance on laser... READ MORE

What filler would you suggest for deep hollows, crepey skin and purple discoloration? (Photo)

Deep hollows under eyes with crepey skin, and purple discoloration. I am 56 and look mid 60's. Need suggestions to get rid of them. Thanks. READ MORE

A divot appeared under my eye after Botox. It's been 4 days. Will it go away in the next few days? (photos)

I had a PRP treatment (and a small amount of Botox to address creping under my eyes). I had severe black eyes and swelling after. As the swelling went... READ MORE

Crepey upper eyelid skin, especially in outer half. Would fillers or Botox be options for me?

I am 47 years-old and have crepey upper eyelid skin, most notable in the outer half.  I have already had an upper blepharoplasty (bad... READ MORE

Can I get Botox to soften the look of crepey skin after a bilateral incision forehead lift?

2 months ago I had a bilateral incision forehead lift. For years I had Botox in the forehead and thought I could save money by doing the Forehead lift... READ MORE

Crepey skin under eyes after first ever Botox.

I had one crease under my left eye which was bothering me. The dermatologist had put a tiny drop of botox under both of my lower eyelids, around or in... READ MORE

Crepey skin under eyebrows after azzalure for frown lines?

I had azzalure injected for my "elevens" - lines between my eyes - 9'days ago and now the skin below my eyebrows (not eyelids) looks crepey - I'm due... READ MORE

Is Botox better for crepey neck skin than RF treatment when the patient has very little neck fat and mild bands? (photo)

Hello, I've had 6 radio frequency treatments now for creepy skin on my neck but recently have felt like my neck looks worse. I've just had a look... READ MORE

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