Bottom Lip + Botox

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Botox Under Lips to Fix Smoker's Wrinkles Caused "Frog Face." Can This Be Fixed?

I had Botox above and below my lips, plus Juvaderm, to smooth out smokers wrinkles. Now my lower face, below my bottm lip, is sagging and I look like... READ MORE

Does Position Matter For Botox Injection?

I've seen it advertised to have patients lie in the Trendelenburg position while administering Botox. Supposedly the blood flowing to the face... READ MORE

6 Cc of Botox...4 Cc at Cupid's Bow, 2 Cc Lower Lip, Two Weeks Ago. Nothing Changed at All. Why?

No change at all, procedure date May 8th... Today is May 21st... Still no change at all. What are the reason, I saw no change? Trying to make my upper... READ MORE

Is it possible to get lower lip symmetry with Botox?

I've worked over a decade on camoulflaging my hemifacial microsomia with two "asymmetrical" face lifts and Sculptra filler. Now I want to finish with... READ MORE

Can Botox injected into lower cheek near mouth cause partial lower lip paralysis?

Tratment occurred 3weeks ago also had botox injected to reduce frown lines in forehead. Sudden paralysis 3weeks after treatment. No other... READ MORE

How to reverse Botox and filler in chin and lower lip?

Botox injected below lower lip and chin to reduce lines. Can't drink from glass or cup, drools, bite lip while trying to eat. Right side of lip is... READ MORE

I just had 12 units today on my lower lip & sides of my mouth due to smoking. If I continue to smoke, will it still work? (Photo

If I continue smoking will Botox still take effect within 3-4 days or did I just waste my $ The other areas I wanted Botox I was told I didn't need. I... READ MORE

I want to ask about my lower lips (Photo)

My lower lips from one side and the eye from this side also larger than tha other..I am sad what disease it is please help me and sugest remedy.. READ MORE

Fillers/Type - Botox $? (photos)

I had a face Lift 11 years ago, not ready for another one. Had under Eye fat removal, looking hollow now. Bottom lip is smaller due . Overbite. Like a... READ MORE

Botox on chin made my bottom lip move upwards too much and hard to move my lip downward! (Photo)

I had total of 10unit of botox on my chin. the sites that doctor injected was blue points in the last photo. when i did with same doctor last year, it... READ MORE

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