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Side Effects of Prolonged & Repeated Injection of Botox?

I am 56 years old and had my first botox injection on my face. My concern is if I get my botox fix every 4 months from now onwards, can my facial... READ MORE

Botox Side Effects: Are They Common?

I'm a healthy 57 year old, and will be getting Botox next week. Some of the side effects listed are pretty scary. Have you ever had patients... READ MORE

How Long Does Strabism & Diplopia After Botox Injection Subsides?

Hello dear doctors i am a 60 years old woman,i had botox injection two weeks ago & i experienced a severe angioedema after that ...after the edema... READ MORE

Can Botox Cure Migraines and Chronic Headaches?

I have been having these headaches for 45 years and they are getting worse as I get older. I am 61 years old and a female. I wake up with headaches... READ MORE

I Am 55 Years Old and I Am Considering Botox and Juvederm? (photo)

I am 55 years old and I am considering Botox and Juvederm for the first time. My problem areas are mostly lines around the mouth and jaw. Do you think... READ MORE

Can a Labial Frenectomy Cause the Space Between the Nose and Upper Lip to Widen in Older Patients?

I swear my upper lip has dropped after this laser procedure was performed by highly competent periodontist. The purpose was to correct the gum line of... READ MORE

Is Botox used around the mouth? My wrinkles are the worst in that area, from smoking I assume..... (photos)

I am 56 and starting to look husband died of Lukemia 4 years ago, and when that happened, age took over my face.......can botox help me... READ MORE

Can Botox administered to the forehead for wrinkles and 11"s between the eyes cause exercise-induced headaches?

I rarely get a headache. I had 22 units Botox injected last Thursday. On Friday, I did cardio and at the end of my 45 minute strength training... READ MORE

6 Treatments in and last session left bruising and untreated lines - Should I change doctors? (Photo)

Hi,I am 58 and have been using the same Maxillofacial surgeon for my past 6 treatments, which I have approximately every 8 months.My last session... READ MORE

I am 62 years of age, had Botox in my forehead 2 and a half weeks ago, now got very hooded eyes

Dropped eyebrows after botox, I look like a lizard. The practitioner has said she will inject on inner eyebrow to give a lift, will this help at all? READ MORE

Is it normal for Botox to remain as bumps and can it cause hair loss? I am a 62 year old female that got injected by a surgeon.

One injection was done in the middle of my eyebrows and many all along the top of both eyebrows. After 5 months, I still have a large hard bump in the... READ MORE

I'm a 55 year woman wanting to get rid of my under eye smile wrinkles and want to know if you think Botox can help? (photo)

If not, is there any other noninvasive recommendations you can tell me about that will help this. I also have bad under eye bags but I'm told the only... READ MORE

Botox now didn't work?

Age 63 Moderate frown line between eyes. I've had Botox 4 other times since age 50. After more than two years without the smoothing agent I decided to... READ MORE

Why is it taking longer for my Botox to kick in?

I have been receiving Botox on a regular basis since I was in my 50's. I am now 63. It seems it takes longer and longer to kick in. Is there a reason... READ MORE

Had 3 Botox injections and you can barely tell it. I'm 64. Should I just give up?

Had 3 Botox injections and you can barely tell it. I'm 64. The person who did mine has been doing it for years and has great review. It's been 6 weeks... READ MORE

Can I use Botox and filler Or just filler or just Botox to correct corner lip frown? (photos)

I posted before and was advised not to do the corner lip surgery because of the noticeability of scaring on my complexion. Botox was advised to... READ MORE

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