3 Days Post-op + Botox

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I Had Botox 3 Days Ago in my Forehead and Now I Have Horrible Pain. Normal?

I feel like I was hit in the head with a brick. I called the doctor and her assistant picked up and said the pain should go away in 3-4 days. Why is... READ MORE

Uneven Eyebrows 3 Days After Botox Injection. What Should I Do?

I recently received Botox for the first time (3 days ago). I received 35 units in the II area between my eyebrows and in my forehead. I am starting to... READ MORE

When Does Botox Cause Bags Under the Eyes?

I only had botox three days ago, so I have yet to see any changes. However, one side-effect is worrying me: I have read that botox can cause under-eye... READ MORE

11s Are Looking Worse 3 Days After Botox, Will It Improve?

I had Botox injections 3 days ago above eyebrows and 11 lines. My outer eyebrows lifted in about 24 hours while my 11 lines seem worse. I was... READ MORE

Strange Scalp Muscle Sensation on Top of my Head Following Botox Injections in my Forehead.

I had Botox 3 days ago (about 32cc?) to provide forehead lift. I'm having the opposite: forehead droop in the area over my eyes giving me a tired... READ MORE

How soon after initial botox can Spock brow be fixed?

I had Botox on Tuesday, 3 days later I have the Spock eyebrow on left side. Do I have to wait to get tho fixed it can I get it fixed immediately? It... READ MORE

Am I Allergic to Botox?

I've had botox in my jawline 3 days ago. The first 24hrs after the shots, I couldn't get out of bed. Severe flu-like symptoms such as weakness,... READ MORE

I had Botox 3 days ago. 2,5ml in each crows foot. It made it worse. The Dr said it's just the lymphs that need to drain? (Photo)

Botox done 3 days ago under each eye in my crows feet, given me two fatty rolls under each eye. I am only 27 so it shouldn't have done this as I've... READ MORE

Nose Bleed & Workouts After Botox?

Is it normal to have a nose-bleed after 3 days of having a nose botox ? and when can i go back to my intensive workout routines ? READ MORE

I am 72 hours post 20 units of Botox in the Glabellar region. I have zero relaxation and can fully contract the muscle.

I had 20 units placed inbetween my brows with minimal results @ 250.00. After two weeks my doc tried Dysport and guess what? Nothing. Why am I not... READ MORE

Bulge on my Jaw when Chewing After Botox. Is That Normal? (photo)

I got botox to slim down my jawline 3 days ago. When I clench or chew now I get these egg like bulges on both sites. Is that normal? I feel quite... READ MORE

I've had Botox for first time and have had under eye creases worsen. Will it take three months to wear off? (Photo)

Had done Botox to: Frown lines, dot to lift brows at outer edges, Crows feet, One dot on each lower lash line. Now when I smile my eye crease has... READ MORE

I received 20 units of botox in my forehead and between my brows. My cheeks are tingly & resistant when I smile. Is this normal?

I had the procedure on Wednesday followed all post tx care.My cheeks, especially my right, feels tingly and numb; resistant when I smile. I called... READ MORE

Reaction to Botox - Hives; What Should I Do?

I had Botox in a doctor's office on Wednesday afternoon, by Friday afternoon I had a small amount of hives under my eyes. It is Saturday night,... READ MORE

Customized Botox?

I'm on my third day of my second ever Botox treatment and I still hate the results. I have fake Hollywood face again. Does anyone have advice on... READ MORE

It has been 3 and a bit days since I had botox, am I ok to be messaged?

I am getting a message today and it has been 3 and a bit days since I had botox in my forehead. I am concerned about the pressure on my forehead when... READ MORE

I have dry eyes and my lower eyelid drooping after Botox. Is this normal?

I had Botox on my forehead, my 11's, crows feet. My doctor then placed 1/2 unit under my eye and 1/2 unit near the inner crn of my eye. It's day 3 ,I... READ MORE

Could my muscles be responding to the Botox at a different pace? (photos)

I had my 1st botox treatment 3 days ago at a reputable dermatologist office, for my "11" lines. I noticed today that one brow appears higher than the... READ MORE

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