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BodyTite is a form of energy-assisted liposuction. The fat is removed using a thin tube called a cannula, as in other liposuction procedures. BodyTite adds radiofrequency energy that melts the fat, making it easier to remove. This decreases post-operative swelling and discomfort. The deep heating also firms the tissue and tightens the skin, while a computer-controlled system regulates the skin and body temperature. The procedure is similar to laser-assisted liposuction but uses a different type of energy.

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Bodytite - Dr. Vu Ho - Just WOW!

After years of dieting and working out I decided to try some form of liposuction as my arms and back have always been areas for me that I have been self-conscious about. My height is 5'5– weight 133. I decided to inquire with Dr. Ho who I have been going to for several years for Botox and f... READ MORE

BodyTite - 2 Years After - Vancouver, BC

After two pregnancies and 100lb plus weight gain with each one, and after countless hours of dieting and working out I decided to try lipo, I did a ton of research and came up with Bodytite as a possible solution, in retrospect I should have gone with a full tummy tuck, or a surgeon who... READ MORE

31yrs Old Asian Girl, Had the ARMS Liposuction & BodyTite Surgery Done, Pretty Good Result,satisfied - South Korea, KR

When I saw some asian girls share their experiences in realself, i think maybe I should share mine too. For me , the childhood obesity caused me a lot of trouble ,I guess the obese was at least in part hereditary,but who knows, i really did obsessed with the suger and which leads to tons of... READ MORE

25 Yr Old Having BodyTite on Thigh

My motivation for having this procedure it that, even though not being overweight at all, I've always had the big thighs and muffin top that simply wouldn't give in to exersize. I have every intention to keep on exersizing and eating healthy - so i don't expect this to solve that situation. I... READ MORE

Wanted Tummy Tuck, but Not the Downtime

I am a 45 year old mom of 2 teenagers. I am very active, exercise regularly doing Crossfit and have never been able to loose the "mommy pooch." The downtime associated with a tummy tuck was much more than my lifestyle could take. When I spoke with Dr. Magassy of Plastic Surgery Associates and... READ MORE

Huge Difference

I had the bodytite procedure done on 05/26/2017. I was a bit skeptical because I had not heard of the procedure in the past so I didn't know if it was going to be effective. Very few reviews were available on the procedure, so I felt I was sort of going into it blind. Bodytite involves sucking... READ MORE

BodyTite for Love Handles

It was very easy to have the procedure done. And I was and am happy with the results. I found the process quite gentle and very easy. The recovery started immediately and I was back to normal very, very quickly and had no problems at all and no pain. I'm more than happy with the results. I would... READ MORE

Amazing Results with BodyTite for the Arm

I'm really, really happy that I had it done. The summer is here, it's time for summer tops. I was dreading wearing a summer top. Now I feel more confident, I feel a little younger, feel a little more youthful, I feel like I can wear a summer top as easily as a young person can. I can dress the... READ MORE

Just a Little Pinch

I am a widowed 57 year old who has had three children. I have had my "pouch" for a very long time and always wanted a way to flatten it out. Work outs haven't worked for me and was tired of no results. I had liposuction performed last October but not quite the results I was looking for. I... READ MORE

Body Tite on Breasts and Abdomen - Kerrville, TX

10 months after having a baby and diet and excercise I was unable to get rid of my baby weight gained in my abdomen area! My breast had also lost shape and were saggy! After visiting Dr. Laytons office in Kerrville, Tx for a consultation, he suggested body tite as the way to go! After a bit of... READ MORE

35 Years Old, Short and Can't Get Rid Of My Belly Fat

I just got liposuction and BodyTite this week and I'm soo excited about how much has already changed. I'm really really short, and because of that even 5-10 pounds makes a huge difference. I'm super excited that I could see the changes during surgery, and not have to under general anesthesia... READ MORE

Bodytite with Dr. Heinstein

I had three areas worked on and I am so excited that I see immediate improvement in all three areas. The area above my knees was chubby and lose skin all around the area. Bodytite was done above the knee, beside the knee and below the knee area. The skin is better but the area is quite... READ MORE

Bra and Backon 4/28/17 and Inner Outer Thigh on 5/1/2017

Today is Wednesday and my swelling is going down from all four areas that I had treated. Dr. Moore and his staff were AWSOME!!!! I am 44 years if age. I am heavily into fitness and also a Yoga and fitness instructor. I had very stubborn fat on my back, were my bra line is that annoyed me... READ MORE

BodyTite Liposuction - Upper and Lower Abdomen, Flanks and Man-boobs

Hi all, Im not an American and usimg my mobile to post this so please excuse me :) I am 5-7", 32 year old man, pre op was ~76kg. Eating healthy and active. The reason why i decided to go along with the BodyTite procedure is that i just could not get rid of my belly and man-boobs that I've been... READ MORE

BodyTite Has Left My Tummy Bigger! - Harley Street, GB

Has anyone had this procedure with Dr Khan in the UK. I am mortified by what has happened to my tummy, I now look like a before picture, as my before picture was better than my after picture. I have not gained any weight infact, lost weight but my tummy is fatter than ever. I am so... READ MORE

BodyTite Lipo on Arms...So Far, So Good - Toronto, ON

I have been self-conscious about my arms for as long as I can remember - always going to great lengths to cover them up. In my early 30s, otherwise fit and healthy, I decided that enough was enough and to do something about it to boost my confidence. After researching my options a great deal... READ MORE

BodyTite Liposuction - Abdomen, Back, and Arms - Ontario, CA

Where do I start? I must say that I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this doctor and clinic! This is now my second major procedure at this clinic by Dr. Sleightholm. I have never felt more safe and secure with any other doctor before. Dr. Sleightholm goes well beyond the call of duty. He, and his... READ MORE

Bad Burns from Bodytite - Singapore

I had Bodytite on my thighs about a month ago to reduce some fat (not a huge amount) and to firm lax skin. What I thought would be a fairly straightforward procedure ended up anything but, despite having a doctor with an excellent reputation. The Bodytite machine malfunctioned and I was... READ MORE

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