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Lower Body Lift and Buttock Auto Augmentation Questions? (photo)

I had an lower body lift with auto buttock augmentation 3 weeks ago. I ve already asked a question about the swelling but now i want to know if the... READ MORE

Not all skin removed during posterior body lift? (photos)

I am 3wks post op of a posterior body lift, and though my flanks have gone away, I do not feel my butt is lifted to it's fullest. When I stand up, it... READ MORE

Is Incision Beginning to Open? Hematoma at Drain Site? (photo)

20 days post op body lift. Iooks like incision has hole and might start to open? Droplets of fliud came out, right above monis pubis. Still very... READ MORE

What Would Make Buttocks "Fall" Almost Immediately After a Lower Body Lift?

3 weeks ago I had a circumfrential body left. I was told post surgery, my buttocks was pert and round. Shortly after surgery, my buttucks completely... READ MORE

Can I use Mederma and ScarGuard MD together?

I am 3 weeks out from a LBL & BL/BA. My PS suggested mederma once all incisions are healed up. In researching I am reading that Scargaurd MD is highly... READ MORE

17 Days Post Op Lower Body Lift - Drain Site Still Open 4 Days After Removal of Drain?

I am 17 days post op of lower body lift. I had my last set of drains removed 4 days ago and one drain site closed up immediately. The other drain site... READ MORE

Upper body life and brachioplasty scars review: are steri-strips better than glue? (photo)

I had brachio pasty and upper body lift on December 10. Do you find that steri-strips are better than glue? My glue is coming undone, should I have my... READ MORE

Is it normal to have clear reddish liquid coming out of my incision in the mid section of my buttocks?

I am 3 weeks post op from my LBL, Butt Lift using the Fat Flap technique and Breast Augmentation. Yesterday I started having this clear reddish liquid... READ MORE

Buttocks flatten more after 3 wks LBL. Will it go back to pre surgery shape? Will increasing calories and training help? (Photo)

On Dec 14 I had a tummy tuck + LBL procedure. For the past 3 yrs. I've been training hard and lost 100 lb. which left me with excess skin on abdomen +... READ MORE

I'm 3 weeks post upper body lift and my drainage is around 80ml. Should I be concerned?

I am 42 5.1ft , I lost 130lbs 5 years ago The drainage levels are 100+ in week 1, 90+ in week 2 and 80+ this week . In addition I have been under the... READ MORE

Is this bulging normal 21 days post lower body lift?

I had a belt lipectomy 21 days ago... Is this bulging swelling? And is it normal amd will it go away? READ MORE

Increased appetite following body lift surgery. Any suggestions?

I had full body lift surgery 3 weeks ago. Since i got home i have been very hungry; eating all the junk food in the house plus my main meals. Will... READ MORE

Will exercising improve my results?

I am 24 days post op from a lower body lift with lipo. Loving the results so far even tho I still have some swelling. Will exercising improve results? READ MORE

3 weeks post up, but hating my results. Do you think I deserve a free/minimal cost revision? Bra line lift (Photo)

Post bra line back lift, butt kift w/analogous flap, and thigh lift. was going to have a BBL with liposculpture, but not enough fat for it and was... READ MORE

Is my belly button healing normally? (Photo)

I am 24 days post op from lower body lift with lipo. Ever since my scans fell off of my belly button it's been red and some white. My surgeon has me... READ MORE

Concerned with new darkened area underneath incision line. (photo)

I'm 3.5 weeks post op from back bra lift....noticed darkened area this morning. Overall it's not painful unless pressed upon. Wondering if it's a... READ MORE

23 days post-op. What could this red, hard spot be? (Photo)

I'm here for a second opinion. I've had the small red, warm area above my body lift incision since Monday or Tuesday. I'm 23 days post op. I saw my Dr... READ MORE

Drain sites seem like they're open; is this normal? (Photo)

Had lower body lift ,My drain sites on the other sides is removed in my two weeks post op. Im in my three weeks post op now. I keep taking pcitire of... READ MORE

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