Top 5 Ways to Plump Up Your Lips

25 Aug 2014 at 4:00pm

Written by Adele Rayburn

Get Bigger Lips

A perfect pout is always in vogue, but alas, not all of us were born with lips like Angelina Jolie's. The good news is that plumping them up is a relatively non-invasive process, and you’re likely to break the bank because of it.

So, how do you decide between implants, fillers, or at-home enhancements? RealSelf spoke to Scottsdale plastic surgeon Dr. Robert Bonillas to get the scoop on the trendiest and most cutting-edge methods out there. We've rounded up the top five ways to bring new life to your luscious lips, so we hope you’re ready to pucker up!

1. Fillers

Lip Fillers
Let's start with the basics: good old-fashioned fillers. One of the easiest and most popular ways to enhance your lips is with injections, which are often painless and offer the most customized results. “With fillers you can do much more than just augmenting the lips,” Dr. Bonillas tells RealSelf. “The real finesse is actually shaping the lip. What I tell my patients is that I can provide an augmentation, but more importantly, I can really shape your lips out.” Hear that, ladies? You're only one injection away from having Scarlett Johansson's pout on your face! Of course, the only downside to fillers is that you have to re-inflate your lips every six to eight months...

For those who may be concerned about over-filling, just keep calm and carry on. Fillers will fade over time, while some injections like hyaluronic acid even have an antidote.

2. Implants

Lip ImplantsIn the market for something a little more permanent? If you're happy with the shape of your lips, but want to give them an extra pop, consider silicone implants. “Implants will provide a nice augmentation that's permanent; however it's not going to shape your lip,” says Dr. Bonillas. “The shape you have is what you have. Implants are just going to augment that shape.” Dr. Bonillas explains that patients often prefer implants because “they don't want to be coming back every six to eight months for fillers.” These bad boys can also easily be removed if you’re unhappy with your results, or decide you want to go even bigger.

3. Implants + Filler

Double the pleasure, double the fun! While some doctors shy away from using implants and fillers, an expert in lip enhancement may be able to offer you the best of both worlds. “I've done implants and later on have done filler on top of the implants to provide shape,” explains Dr. Bonillas. “I can layer some filler and shape the lip a little more than just what the implant is providing in augmentation.” This double-dose of lippy goodness is certainly innovative, but Dr. Bonillas recommends sticking with the surgeon who originally performed your implants if you opt for additional shaping.

4. At-Home Plumpers

Plumping Gloss
Not quite ready to go under the knife or the needle? You're in luck! At-home plumping methods can provide great (albeit impermanent) results. “There are a lot of lip plumpers coming out that can give you that temporary filling of your lips,” says Dr. Bonillas. “Nothing exaggerated, they just provide a little irritation to your lips which causes blood flow.” Sadly, at-home lip plumpers only last a few hours, but they're perfect for filling in wrinkles caused by aging. Check out some product suggestions from RealSelf community members here!

5. Lip Scrubs

Lip Scrub
If lip plumpers aren't quite cutting it, you can always reach for a tube of lip scrub and start exfoliating your kissers. These scrubs irritate the skin, which Dr. Bonillas explains will increase blood flow for a plumper appearance. (Of course, when all else fails you can just rub sugar all over your lips and hope for the best.)

Are you excited to start your journey to fuller lips? We thought so! As always, the best way to avoid looking like this is by choosing the right doctor. “Anyone can squirt fluid through a syringe, but patients should go to someone who knows what they're doing and can show their work in before and after photos," warns Dr. Bonillas.

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