Mommies Who Want Makeovers: 10 Post-Surgery Stories

VVartanian on 18 Nov 2013 at 6:00pm

before after mommy makeover leadMoms love their little ones -- but the sagging breasts and stretched-out tummy after pregnancy? Not so much.
So, we've pulled together 10 of the most head-turning mommy makeovers, the ones that RealSelfers commented on and complimented the most. Check out the incredible before-and-after pics, along with a little post-op update.

1.  Works out daily, but was frustrated with excess skin that wouldn't "snap back"before and after mommy makeover tummy tuck purple bikini

"I've started studying to earn my personal training certification - it would be rewarding to help others find a love for being fit. I can finally show my fitness level, now that the excess skin is gone." - Nichole36974

2. Florida mom who was done with stretch marks and "sagginess"

before after mommy makeover woman in black bra top
"I don't have to wear the binder anymore! Thank goodness. I feel like a new woman. I am going back for CoolSculpting on my back (bra) fat." -Orlando321

3. Breastfed 5 kids and wanted the BB (before babies) days back

before and after mommy makeover pink red bottoms
"Breasts are small but so very sweet! Nothing hangs! Had a girlfriend comment on them from a picture of me in a swimsuit, 'Did you get new boobs? They look great!' I just laughed, and said,'No .. Look at me, I'm smaller than you!'"-ImaSummerGirl

4. Gave herself a new body for her 30th birthday

before and after mommy makeover jeans
"I finally went bra shopping and was quite scared to discover that I am a 34 G! G for 'ginormous' -- but I don't believe that they look that big in real life. My husband is in love with them ... " -thenewmeafter3

5. 44 year-old Arizona mom who has never spent this much money on herselfbefore after mommy makeover white black bikini

"The tummy tuck incision is one of the lowest I have ever seen -- and is incredibly neat, clean and thin. And then there is my belly button ... I am in love. So natural and cute ... a true work of art." -Jenyphur

6.  Mom of 4 and personal trainer in Ohio

before after mommy makeover 7
"I am satisfied overall, as long as I don’t allow myself to nitpick. I am my own worst critic. But the bottom line is, my clothes fit better, I’m much more confident and my body image has vastly improved. I am thankful!"  -MaumeeMG

7.  40 year-old who wanted to say goodbye to her 2 "spare tires"

woman in black bikini before and after mommy makeover
"Before surgery, I had so much skin above the belly button and a muffin top - I looked as if I had 2 spare tires. Now, the area below the bellow button is nice, taut and flat ... this was all definitely worth it! -Anewmesoon
8.  Triathelete and mom to 2 girlsbefore after mommy makeover belly sagging
"A bit after my surgery, I tried lifting weights and doing routines, but it didn't feel right. I took it easy. Only recently [at a year post-op], have I started adding in my kettle bell routine and push ups, burpees and squats/lunges. It feels good!" -soon2banewme

9. 22 year-old who wanted "that hourglass shape"before after mommy makeover colored bikini

"I'm very pleased with my results! My incisions have healed [well] and [the surgeon] didn't give me too much butt for my bird legs!" -KrissyLee21

10.  39 year-old from South Carolina who quit smoking for her surgery

before after mommy makeover black bikini
"Your plastic surgeon can do wonders but you have [exercise and eat right to keep] your results -- that is the biggest lesson I took away from surgery. Not saying my plastic surgeon didn't do an AMAZING job, but it's my job now to keep it up." -Blonde in bluffton
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