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Belotero Lumps - Massage?

I had a superficial injection of Belotero under the eyes three days ago. Should I be massaginbtheblumps down at this point? Thanks! READ MORE

5 Weeks Post Belotero- Where Should I Go from Here? (photo)

It has been 5 weeks post Belotero tear trough injections and I have a lump of fluid where I bruised the worst under my right eye, along with a slight... READ MORE

Is it normal to have bumps and bruising under eyes after having Belotero injected? (photos)

I am 40 years old and a runner so I decided to have a filler injected under my eyes. I chose belotero, but today I look awful and I have lumps under... READ MORE

Lump in lip after Belotero filler next day, what can I do to reduce inflammation?

I had Belotero in lips yesterday and I have a noticeable lump in the upper left, bottom near mid-line, part of my lip. Gives me a crooked smile. The... READ MORE

3 weeks post op Belotero injected in tear trough, I have lumps under my eyes that were not there before. Any suggestion? (photo)

I received belotero injection under my eyes to fill in the hollowness. Lumps appeared that we're not present before. Was the filler injected... READ MORE

Do I need to get more filler or have my Belotero dissolved? Edema? Help! This is 5 days post... - (Photos)

Worried that this large lump is not going to go down. Looks like a "water sack" and believe it is edema. Will this go away on it's own? I'm reading... READ MORE

My Left Eye Looks Horrible After Boletero Injection. Where do I go from Here? Please Help. (photo)

I had boletero injections in my upper and lower lids yesterday for hollowness. I have been crying all day because my left eye looks horrible. There is... READ MORE

Belotero lip injection HUGE lump. Any suggestions?

I got my lips injected yesterday, only half a syringe. My friends have done it before too but nothing happened with them, i have a couply small bumps... READ MORE

Are these lumps/swelling normal post 1 1/2 weeks after Boletero under eye injections? (photos)

A week and a half ago, I had Boletero injections under my eyes. I had this done 6 months ago and I loved the result. However, I'm not pleased right... READ MORE

Do I have malar edema? (photo)

These pics are from day 3 after getting Belotero in my tear troughs (day 4 looks as bad). I bruised badly which I expected but there is a large lump... READ MORE

Is Boletero in my tear troughs migrated or just swollen? (photos)

5 days ago I received Boletero in my tear troughs. It is my first experience with fillers. So far I have these weird white lumps beneath my tear... READ MORE

Lumps from Belotero lip injection (Photo)

3 days post op , I have bumps one specifically huge lump on my lip that does not look like swelling , I usually do not bruise or swell much at all. I... READ MORE

Lumps after belotero, (photo)

I got one full styringe of belotero on my lips . I have had juvidern before from the same doctor and I had a lump that would not go away - had to have... READ MORE

Is Belotero balance safe for lips?

How long does it last and can it cause lumps? READ MORE

Major swelling day after belotero injection! What should I do? (Photo)

I have major swelling and what looks like lump under my top lip. It is the day after it was not this swolen the day of the injection how do I get rid... READ MORE

Belotero injection concerns, bruising and huge lump. Any suggestions?

I had top lip Belotero injection yesterday and now I have a lump in top of lip and left upper lip bigger ( I did not have lip itself injected) and... READ MORE

I had Belotero injected in March 2016 into my cheeks, now I have 'lump' when I smile! Can anyone recommend what to do?

The lump is not hard nor can I feel it, it's more like to much was placed in one spot and it forms a crease/lump when I smile I'm not confident in... READ MORE

Belotero injection - product or Injector?

I had belotero injected over a year ago and still have a lump (still black and blue) under one eye and it has remained black and blue under the other.... READ MORE

Is it product or swelling under my eyes? Belotero (Photos)

I got belotero. I got bruised immediately. But the result was pretty good. Later I noticed lumps and bumps. I massaged. Looked better.. next morning... READ MORE

Houston Top Belotero injector?

The last injector was rushy and caused a lot of bruising and lumps etc. uneven lips from marionette lines treatment above lip with belotero. What... READ MORE

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