How to Transform Your Pear Shape into an Hourglass


Is there anything sexier than the classic hourglass look? From Elizabeth Taylor’s famous 22-inch waist to Christina Hendricks making curves all the rage again in Mad Men, this quintessential female form is always in style. Yet, the defining ratio of tiny waist to generous hips and bust is only naturally present in a small percentage of women. How can you take your figure to the next level?
Pear-Shaped Potential Of all the possible body shapes, the closest one to an hourglass is actually a pear. With full curves through the hips and bottom and oftentimes a small waist as well, the pear only falls short through the upper half of the body. This combination of narrower shoulders and a bust that’s significantly smaller than the hips can leave women wanting a more balanced figure. Yet, it’s much easier to achieve that voluptuous look than you may realize, simply by combining breast implants with liposuction.

Breast augmentation adds volume to echo the shapeliness below the waistline for a more balanced look throughout the body. Next, lipo helps to smooth out the lines of hips and flanks and add any extra definition needed to the waistline. The result is a look that provides fullness at the bust, bottom and hip, plus a small, slim waistline for a head-turning silhouette.
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Tampa General Surgeon