What Is the "Brazilian B"? Country Popularizes the Latest Trend in Breast Augmentation


When it comes to breast implants, there is no one-size-fits-all. Breast implant preferences vary substantially from woman to woman and can be influenced by factors such as lifestyle, goal appearance, and modern trends. In the past, the more obvious, Baywatch-style breast implants were a popular look. While a full, high, and round silhouette will always have some popularity, today’s women are increasingly leaning towards a more modest, natural-looking breast enhancement that has become known as the Brazilian B.

What Is the Brazilian B?

While the United States consistently performs a high number of cosmetic surgeries compared to most other countries, Brazil is a solid competitor for the most annual cosmetic surgeries. Breast augmentation is one of the most commonly performed surgeries in both countries, but it’s the Brazilians who have popularized the modern trend toward smaller implants, dubbed the Brazilian B. The trend has since gained traction in the United States as iconic Brazilian models such as Gisele Bündchen showcase how sexy a perkier breast size can be.

Why Consider Smaller Implants?

Smaller breast implants can offer women many advantages. For one, they provide a subtle enhancement that is unlikely to be obvious to others, a quality that many women are beginning to prefer over more noticeable augmentation. Secondly, smaller implants are less likely to create limitations for women, athletically or otherwise. And thirdly, they can appear more proportional, especially for women with a naturally petite body type.

Measuring in Volume Rather than Cup Size

While there are benefits to implants of any size, it’s important for breast augmentation patients to understand the value of personal customization. Not all women are in search of the same augmentation results, and even if they were, the same implant size won’t necessarily look the same on each patient.

While patients may think of their breast implants in terms of cup size, surgeons measure implants by cubic centimeters (ccs) of volume. Therefore, when discussing your goal appearance with your surgeon, it can be more helpful to bring in photos of women with your desired look rather than talking in cup sizes so that the surgeon can gain a more informed idea of your goals.

The Importance of Individual Customization

When deciding how many ccs will provide a patient with her desired appearance, the surgeon must account for many factors besides size. For example, different implant profiles involve varying levels of height from the chest with corresponding base widths. The implant profile you choose can influence your breast shape as well as how natural your chosen size appears on your body frame. Additionally, chest proportions, breast shape, and the amount of pre-existing breast tissue can all impact the end results of augmentation, meaning the same implant volume can deliver a variety of different looks on different patients.

Choosing your implant size is a highly personal decision that augmentation patients should take the time to make carefully. Deciding on the “best” breast implant size — whether it’s a modest Brazilian B or a fuller and more voluptuous look — means considering your natural anatomy alongside your appearance goals, and finally, working with a skilled breast enhancement specialist in determining how to attain your ideal profile. Personal preference is most important when it comes to the right size, whatever the current trends may be. In the end, smaller implants only mean “better” if they’ll provide you with the look you want.
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