Sitting After Brazilian Butt Lift


The Brazilian butt lift is a type of buttock augmentation procedure in which excess fats from other areas of the body are collected through a gentle liposuction. Then, they are purified and re-injected into the flat derriere to achieve a more sensual body profile.

Proper postop care is crucial to achieve near permanent results. The general rule of thumb is to avoid pressure on the buttock area for 2-3 weeks to promote high survival rate of grafts.

Without pressure, fat grafts can form a new blood supply that is needed for their long-term survival, and there is no risk of asymmetry caused by inadvertent shifting of fatty cells.

In the first 2-3 weeks, or sometimes even longer, most patients are required to lie on their chest or on their side, but leaning more toward their stomach instead their back during sleep. While this might be a challenge for some individuals, this minor inconvenience is worth it due to long-term benefits.

However, some doctors allow sleeping on one’s back as long as there is adequate padding.

Because postop instructions differ from surgeon to surgeon, a prudent patient should always stick to her doctor’s specific advice.

Prolonged sitting is also not advisable in the first 2-3 weeks postop. But if it is necessary to sit, the patient should at least use a donut-shaped or boppy/breastfeeding pillow so they will sit on their posterior thigh instead on their buttocks.

Another good option is to place a cigar-shaped pillow behind the posterior thigh to minimize potential cell damage.

Some patients also swear by the effectiveness of BBL Pillow, which has wedges and has soft but firm material.

But no pillow is designed for prolonged sitting during the initial healing stage. It remains important to get up every 10 minutes to stretch or walk around.

And when using the bathroom, sitting upright remains ideal to minimize pressure on the buttock area.
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Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon