Why It Makes Sense to Combine Breast Lift and Reduction Surgery


A breast lift involves tightening the soft tissue and lifting the nipple-areolar complex to correct the saggy appearance, which is a common problem after massive weight loss, pregnancy, and aging.

Breast reduction surgery, meanwhile, is primarily used for “downsizing” usually in an attempt to address the physical symptoms associated with having an overlarge cup size. For this reason, it is often labeled as a reconstructive plastic surgery or medically necessary, thus insurance coverage might be possible for some patients.

Despite the different goals of breast lift and reduction surgery, it makes sense to combine them to achieve a perkier appearance long term. This approach is suitable for women with overlarge breasts that droop to the point that they cover a good portion of their tummy.

The idea of this approach is to make the breasts perkier and lighter to eliminate the tension on the skin and deeper tissue, thus preventing or postponing sagging recurrence.

Meanwhile, a prudent patient should always give importance to the final breast contour, hence her doctor’s breast lift with reduction before and after photos will reveal a lot about his artistic skills and an eye for detail.

It is important to note that combining them does not result in more scars because they share the same incision pattern, which is determined by the degree of sag and breast size.

Despite the media hype regarding scarless breast lift or breast reduction, no plastic surgery is possible without the appearance of scars—a tradeoff any patient must be willing to accept.

A scarless breast reduction, which is a misnomer, often refers to liposuction that uses a few incisions as small as 1 mm; they turn into faded scars with time to the point that they are hard, if not impossible, to detect by “ordinary observers.” Nevertheless, there are still scars—just barely noticeable.

Breast reduction via liposuction will not provide some lifting effect, unless the skin has maintained a good amount of elasticity. Simply put, the limited use of incisions can lead to limited results.
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