Sagging Skin is a Side Effect of Weight Loss Surgeries


Weight loss surgeries have been in the news recently, and it's important that people understand that sagging skin can be a side effect of these procedures. Dr. Kevin Sadati recently published a blog post highlighting the different skin-tightening cosmetic procedures that are available for Orange County patients who have lost a significant amount of weight.

"People who have worked so hard to lose weight deserve to love the skin that they are in, and many times sagging skin prevents them from feeling proud of their body. These procedures are designed to give them the look they were hoping for all along," Dr. Sadati explained.

Dr. Sadati encourages anyone who is overweight or obese to look into weight loss programs or a weight loss surgery. While there are many health benefits to losing a significant amount of weight, most patients do not realize the physical changes they will go through once they meet their goal. After losing weight, many people have sagging skin on their body. This occurrence can make people self conscious, and it can be a frustrating problem to have after working so hard to lose weight.

There are several different procedures available that address excess skin. Dr. Sadati evaluates each Newport Beach patient on an individual basis to determine if one or more of the procedures are necessary.

Facelift — During this operation, the surgeon will remove excess skin from the face and also tighten the muscles in the face. This procedure defines the structure and outline of the face once again, and also allows a person to look younger at the same time.

Neck Lift — Surgeons typically take an aggressive approach with this procedure, as sagging skin around the neck is a common issue after significant weight loss. The extra skin can make a person look heavy despite the fact that they just lost a lot of weight. By removing the excess skin and altering the neck muscles, Dr. Sadati allows the patient to look slim.

Mid-Section Skin Tightening — This procedure tightens the excess skin in the mid-section, where significant weight loss is common. It typically addresses the thighs, buttocks and abdomen.

Brachioplasty — The brachioplasty is a procedure which lifts the skin around the upper arms. People who undergo weight loss surgery or lose a significant amount of weight on their own is often self conscious about the fact that their skin droops and sags on their upper arms.

Anyone who has recently lost a lot of weight should understand that sagging skin is a common side effect of significant weight loss. While many people consider it to be unattractive, it can also pose a hygiene issue for the patient. It can be difficult to clean the folds of skin, which can result in embarrassing odors. Dr. Sadati encourages anyone who is about to start a weight loss regimen or anyone who has recently completed a weight loss program to come to his office to talk about their options.

"Through these skin tightening procedures, I aim to provide patients with natural-looking results that they will be proud of for many years to come. It will make all of the hard work to lose the weight worth it in the end," Dr. Sadati stated.

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