Purported Benefits of Breast Implant Massage


While not every plastic surgeon recommends breast implant massage—especially to women who have had breast lift as a complementary procedure or those with textured implants—proponents suggest that for the right patients it can provide benefits such as:

  • Speed up the settling of implants

It is quite common for implants to sit higher up the chest wall after surgery, leading to excessive fullness in the upper poles. While muscle expansion and gravity will eventually result in a more natural shape, one can speed up the process with regular breast implant massage, specifically the downward manipulation.

  • Prevent or at least minimize capsular contracture risk

Capsular contracture happens when the scar capsule that normally forms around any implant becomes inadvertently tight and thick, causing the surrounding tissue to tighten and appear misshapen.

The lateral and upward manipulation is typically reserved for patients who are at risk of capsular contracture (i.e., previous history or early sign of scar capsule starting to stiffen).

Without capsular contracture, the breasts will have a natural look and feel.

  • Promote breast symmetry

It is quite normal that the right and left chest muscles have different tension levels, leading to one implant descending or settling sooner than the other hand.


Postop massage differs from surgeon to surgeon—some recommend it only in the first 3-6 months, while others feel that it should be a lifetime commitment—so a prudent patient should stick to her doctor’s specific instructions to reap the full benefits of implant displacement exercise. 
Article by
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon