Popular Cosmetic Procedures for Men


Our society places a high value on looking younger and staying fit and trim. Many people believe that women are the only ones who are self-conscience about their appearance. However, today, men of all ages and walks of life are requesting plastic surgery. Men’s goals include a more balanced nose, a rejuvenated face, a sculpted chest, and a contoured waistline. The most popular cosmetic procedures men inquire about are rhinoplasty (nose job), facial fillers, and gynecomastia surgery.

Most men seeking rhinoplasty do not wish to dramatically change their nose and do not desire a feminine appearing nose. Most men seek rhinoplasty for reasons such as narrowing the nose, removing a bump, elevating a drooping tip, refining the shape, or opening the breathing passages. Most men have thicker skin; thus, rhinoplasty for men can be a challenging procedure and should only be performed by a rhinoplasty specialist.

Facial Fillers
Fillers for men can quickly restore lost facial volume and improve wrinkles. Men experience a loss of volume in their face that makes them look tired, worn, listless, and old. This can include: sunken cheeks, hollowing at the temples and beneath the eyes, and deepened facial wrinkles. Fillers help to restore lost volume and can stimulate natural collagen production to reduce the signs of aging. Facial fillers that have become popular include Radiesse and Sculptra, because they effectively treat problem areas common to all men. Radiesse is a filler that fills in facial hollows, deep wrinkles, and strengthens facial contours while stimulating collagen growth. Sculptra is an injectable facial filler that replaces lost facial volume. Sculptra is the only injectable filler that subtly improves over time — lasting for up to two years.

Gynecomastia Surgery
Gynecomastia is the enlargement of breast tissue in men and boys, commonly referred to as “man boobs.” Although most think of it as an abnormality, about 65% of all men will have some form of gynecomastia during their lives. Babies, adolescents, and men who are taking certain medications or drugs may get gynecomastia. The invasiveness of the surgical procedure depends on the severity of the breast enlargement. Gynecomastia surgery generally requires both liposuction of fat and surgical excision of the breast gland.
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