A PicoSure Experience: On the Cutting Edge - Part 2 by Rutledge Forney, MD


As we continue our training day, the green and blue lizard is next.  The tail has not been numbed but the rest of the lizard has been coated in numbing gel for over 30 minutes.  We use cooled air on the tail as well as on the rest of the body.  No difference in pain per patient…next time she won’t bother with gel.  See the before, during and after photos below.

Our black sun which has been treated five times with the NdYag is numbed with a shot of Novicaine as usual.  That patient breezes through the treatment and notes how much faster the PicoSure is than the NdYag.
The very old blue and black arm bands which have been treated too many times to count were treated with only cooled air. This gentleman dismisses any pain and only hopes that the new laser will finally get the job done!
Our black Chinese character was numbed with gel so the treatment is painfree and fast! The before picture is out of focus ;-((( but you can see it right after treatment below.

After an hour and a half and six tattoos, all of us are impressed with the speed and versatility of our new PicoSure. We look forward to seeing results, as do our patients.

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Atlanta Dermatologic Surgeon