Well, Vanquish is a great new technology. It is the ultimate non-invasive procedure. A patient comes in, he or she lies down on a comfortable table and we actually put this articulated arm. It's a U-shaped area that we can articulate to fit the body and it floats about half an inch above that particular area of the body. And right now, we've totally focused on that abdomen so it fits the abdomen.

And then we have a machine that sends these radio waves through this articulated arm, and we watched it. We watch on a little monitor right beside the bed, as how that heat goes into the body, and we make sure that it's comfortable, but also we get the maximum efficiency and heat driven into that particular area over about a thirty minute period.

It gets warm and you can develop a hot spot and if you do, we move the arm slightly. But it's warm, but literally people go to sleep while they're having it done. Half an hour we take it off, they sit up, walk out the door and go about their business. We do it once a week for four weeks.

And so far, the results are very encouraging. They advertise that we can expect about a two-inch reduction in the abdominal area, but frankly if you're a bigger person we're seeing a little bit more than that, so we'll have more results soon on that.

We actually see results from Vanquish during the treatment period, so during the first four weeks, we have had people who have seen three and four inches that have dropped away while they're actually being treated.

What is Vanquish and How Does it Work?

Doctor Rutledge Forney explains how Vanquish works and what you can expect to experience when having the procedure.