Well, now that we have Vanquish, we are focusing Vanquish on people who have large, a large belly, frankly. Cool sculpting is great for pockets of fat that you can actually grab with a caliper and suck and really focus the cold on that area. But if you've got a big belly I mean you know, let's face it. If you need love handles and lower tummy and upper tummy you know, it would be hours and hours on the cool sculpting machine so Vanquish gives us an opportunity to do a global reduction. So if someone comes in with two areas I can grab at the caliper, I'd send them to cool sculpting. If I got time a global need to reduce and contour, then I think we're going to start with Vanquish right now.

How to Choose Between Vanquish and CoolSculpting?

Doctor Rutledge Forney explains what body types are better suited for Vanquish or for CoolSculpting.