At this stage in dermatology and medical cosmetic procedures, we're finding that fat is the new frontier and body contouring is something that everybody is interested in. I think it has a little bit to do with the aging population and clothes are you know, skinnier than they used to be and so what started out fifteen or twenty years ago with just liposuction, which, by the way dermatologists invented and has become more refined with things like Smart Lipo, we've moved on to other procedures that help us get rid of fat in a non-invasive way in specific areas.

And the public is very interested in this, and I think scientists are very interested in this because we're learning a lot about fat. We used to think it was just sort of a storage cell and now we're finding that actually physiologically it's very active. And so as we work on taking fat away from certain areas, we're learning a little bit about the fact that it may create some kind of metabolic activity when you work with it.

Trends in Body Contouring

Doctor Rutledge Forney explains why she is seeing more and more patients coming in for non-invasive body contouring treatments.