Well, now that we're working on fat in our office, one of the things that I've noticed, and I noticed it first with cool sculpting with Smart Lipo, those patients sort of they come and they're happy and they walk away, but with cool sculpting we see them because we see them back after three months because the results are so slow, safe, but slow. And what we've noticed is that people have found that once they've had this cool sculpting procedure done, it seems to incentivize them either psychologically or metabolically to go ahead and lose some weight.

Many of our patients have come in and they have lost ten or fifteen pounds, so of course that makes my after pictures look even better, but the patients understand that you know, a weight change is part of that and they're actually very grateful and delighted that it appears to be used as a starter.

Body Contouring to Kick Start Weight Loss

Doctor Rutledge Forney shares her findings that patients engaging with body contouring procedures appear to be more motivated to lose additional weight.