Orange County Facial Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Kevin Sadati, Announces The Cause of Facial Volume Loss And The Cosmetic Solutions Ava


Facial volume loss can have a major impact on a person's appearance. As a person loses volume in their face, they may find that they appear tired or sullen. They may develop wrinkles or find that excess skin is sagging in places where the elasticity was once tight and their face fuller looking.  Dr. Kevin Sadati, an expert Newport Beach facial plastic surgeon, explains the cause of facial volume loss and has provided patients with tips for how to combat the signs of aging.

"Loss of facial volume is often a natural occurrence during the aging process, but a person’s genetics can play a roll in how early it occurs. Additionally, environmental factors, medications, stress, fluctuations in body weight and traumas can expedite the process causing facial volume loss to happen at an earlier age or with a greater severity,” explains Dr. Kevin Sadati, top Newport Beach facial plastic surgeon.

Facial volume loss can start for patients as early as when they are in their 20’s but typically affects those patients who are in their middle ages. Volume loss typically starts to happen when the support system underneath the skin begins to break down. As this aging process beings and a patient starts to experience loss of volume in their face, they may find that the appearance of their eyes, lips, cheeks and jaw line are impacted.

What are today’s cosmetic procedures that best address facial volume loss?

Dermal Fillers —This is a non-surgical procedure that utilizes injectable dermal fillers to restore, or add, volume to the face. Often referred to as a liquid facelift, the use of fillers is a quick cosmetic treatment with little to no downtime. Filler results usually last for about six to nine months varying by patient.

Fat Grafting — Fat grafting, also known as a fat transfer or fat injections, is a popular cosmetic procedure that removes unwanted fat from a patient’s body and utilizes it to augment different areas of the face. By doing this lost facial volume is restored or can be added to specific areas of the face. Given the fact that the body’s own natural fatty tissue is being used fat grafting results are superior to derma fillers and come with minimal side effect or the risk of complications.

"Patients can choose from fat grafting, the use of dermal fillers or a combination of both cosmetic procedures in order to achieve the most stunning and natural-looking results. My goal when working with patients who are experiencing facial volume loss is to help them reverse the signs of allowing them to look like a younger, more vibrant and energetic version of themselves," notes Dr. Kevin Sadati, Newport Beach facial plastic surgeon.

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