Open vs Closed Approach in Rhinoplasty


In recent years, more cosmetic rhinoplasty surgeons are choosing to use the open approach for the rhinoplasty procedure rather than the more traditional closed technique. Dr. Kevin Sadati, a nose job expert based out of Newport Beach, California, released a blog post detailing why this trend is happening and why he feels the open approach is beneficial.

"An expert facial plastic surgeon can use the open approach to achieve the best results while still avoiding scars for the patient. The closed rhinoplasty procedure is used mostly in order to disguise the scarring better, however, under my hands the open approach achieves the same result. It is the best of both worlds — they enjoy an improved appearance without any sign of surgery," explained Dr. Sadati.

The appearance of scars is an important issue for most nose job patients. Many people want to improve the look of their nose and their entire facial composition without broadcasting the fact that they had a plastic surgery procedure. Previously, it was widely believed that the best way to get results without scars was to use the closed technique. However, Dr. Sadati and other expert surgeons have found that the open approach is actually the better choice for most rhinoplasty cases.

In the blog post, Dr. Sadati provides the following details about the open rhinoplasty technique:

The location of the incision allows the surgeon to get the best vantage point of the nose. The open approach begins with an incision on the columella, which is the tiny piece of skin between the two nostrils. By placing the incision here, Dr. Sadati is able to lift up the nasal skin and get the best access to the structure of the nose.

The shape of the incision promotes fast healing and almost never leaves a scar behind. The incision is created in the shape of an inverted letter V. It is practically invisible after it heals, and many patients cannot find the incision on their own nose after the surgery is complete.

This technique is used in the majority of rhinoplasty operations. Dr. Sadati finds that he uses the open approach for about 85 percent of his rhinoplasty operations. Between the unparalleled access to the nasal structure and the lack of scarring, it is usually the best all-around choice.

"It's essential that patients realize that not every cosmetic surgeon is capable of using this technique properly. Only an expert facial plastic surgeon can perform an open rhinoplasty procedure without any scars," Dr. Sadati noted.

Patients who are interested in the rhinoplasty procedure and want to find out which approach is best for their particular case are invited to set up a free cosmetic consultation with Dr. Sadati. Throughout the consultation appointment, Dr. Sadati works to get to know the patient on a personal level and evaluates the patient's needs and desires for the operation. He will create a custom surgical plan that outlines exactly which approach he will use for their operation and why he will use that technique.

Dr. Sadati is one of the top rhinoplasty physicians in the country and is known for being a pioneer in the industry. He is constantly working to improve his techniques and procedures regarding rhinoplasty. He makes individualized patient care and attention to detail his top priority. He has performed thousands of rhinoplasty procedures during the last decade.

To find out more information about the open approach and how to avoid scars after a rhinoplasty operation, contact Dr. Sadati's office today.
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