Newport Beach Facial Plastic Surgeon Dr. Kevin Sadati Releases Commentary on the Positive Effects of Cosmetic Surgery on the Sel


Dr. Kevin Sadati of the Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery recently discussed a study of young women in China who showed increased self-efficacy and self-esteem after undergoing facial cosmetic surgery.

Authors of “Self-esteem, Self-efficacy, and Appearance Assessment of Young Female Patients Undergoing Facial Cosmetic Surgery: A Comparative Study of the Chinese Population,” a study published in JAMA, found that self-esteem increased among many women in China who underwent cosmetic procedures. The study was prompted by a heavy increase of patients in China undergoing facial cosmetic surgery over the past decade. With a large number of these patients being young women, the study was initiated to investigate their psychosocial profiles. The authors enrolled more than 160 cosmetic surgery patients and used 268 facial appearance raters and 355 general population controls in China. Dr. Kevin Sadati, a board certified ENT specialist and facial cosmetic surgeon with more than a decade of experience in his field, recently released commentary discussing the study and its findings.

“What the authors have found is that the average self-esteem and self-efficacy scores of the young women before their operations were inherently low,” explains Dr. Sadati. “Questionnaires given to them six months after their surgeries took place showed that those scores had increased to almost normal levels, showing a positive impact from the results of their facial cosmetic surgeries.”

Dr. Sadati went on to explain that the facial appearance raters from the study assessed very little differences between women from the general population and cosmetic surgery patients, but self-assessments done by the cosmetic surgery patients showed significantly lower scores for the nose, eyes and overall appearance of the face.
“Your face, especially your eyes and nose, are very prominent features and most people feel these features can say a lot about them,” says Dr. Sadati. “With procedures such as blepharoplasty, otoplasty (ear pinning), chin and cheek augmentation, rhinoplasty, and others, people like these young women can achieve the results they are looking for and feel more confident and happy with themselves because of it.”

Along with increasing self-esteem, Dr. Sadati says that his patients can also address issues that are not cosmetic in nature, such as breathing problems, with certain facial cosmetic procedures. Septorhinoplasty is one procedure that corrects not only the shape of the nose but a deviated septum as well, sometimes relieving breathing problems patients may have.

Dr. Sadati has pioneered a number of innovative procedures that hundreds of doctors across the globe utilize today. He also utilizes his skills as a sculptor and painter, coupled with a lifetime of study of the human face and body, to help his patients achieve natural-looking results through a number of procedures. He employs only the safest methods for his patients by using twilight sedation and local anesthesia during procedures. Dr. Sadati is an American Board of Cosmetic Surgery diplomat and the OC Register has voted him Best Cosmetic Surgery in Orange County.
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