The New Era of Facial Non-surgical Restoration


As a seasoned veteran in facial injectables I have restored facial contours with a number of products from temporary hyaluronic acids, large-particle hyaluronic acids with complex cross-linkings to provide longevity, to poly-L-lactic acid.  The results have been acceptable for the era in which they existed to restore the aged face.  Similarly, there was an era where it was like the air you breathe that you took a horse-and-carriage to the market and then there came the engine which gave rise to the car.  

I would like to propose to you in this article that there is a "New Era" for facial restoration or the youthful contour we as Cosmetic Surgeons have long awaited.   Bellafill is the best of all worlds one could ask for in a filler and here is why. 

Collagen when injected molds naturally with the body's own natural collagen where as hyaluronic acids distort natural collagenous matrices inserting itself amongst the bundles of youth.  Collagen is the vehicle which carries the polymethylmethacralate into the dermis where it then stimulates the body's own natural collagen formation to replace the gradually-absorbed bovine collagen vehicle.  This molecule although the company has 5+ year indications, I would like to propose to you is the first in evolution of a permanent filler.  The body cannot metabolize the molecule.  There is no hydrolysis reaction as is the case with all other filler molecules.  

The permanency could give rise to concern.  I would like to allay you concerns with two simple principles.  Polymethylmethacralate membranes have been used to reconstruct membranes in the neck.  It is also used as a component to replace vessels in bypass surgery.  Why would we use a material that is not safe long term and heaven-forbid be absorbed in these areas?  We would not.  

Migration is the other question I hear.  At 50 microns the molecule cannot be absorbed by the immune system to migrate to any other region of the body unlike past molecules.  

The bottom-line is that you now have the opportunity to use a filler material for your corrections that you no longer have to rent.   In my practice, it is the filler-of-choice in that I can no longer justify injecting a temporary filler providing a temporary result unless that is what you want.  

I request you take the challenge today and discover the Ultimate in Lasting-Beauty that no other filler can provide.  Take a look for yourself online at @

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Fort Lauderdale Dermatologic Surgeon