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I'm 30. I gained and then lost 65 lbs over a 3...

I'm 30. I gained and then lost 65 lbs over a 3 year period in my 20's and my face hasn't ever been as youthful and full since. Not bad, just not full. I've used moderate botox and filler to lift my face and for preventative treatment. The results have been great! I heard about Ultherapy online when I went looking for new treatments for my mom who is in her 60s. After reading about it and the reviews I really wanted to do it. What if something could have me be able to repair the damage I did in my early 20's.

Why did I do it?
I did this because I know that doing this once every 5 years can really allow me to slow the aging process. I don't want to get to be 60 and then decide it's time for a facelift. I wanted something subtle. Something people wouldn't realize was a procedure. Just a more youthful look so I can age gracefully without anything drastic. Totally worth it but definitely some things I will do differently the 2nd time around.

Pros-- day 1. Walked out of the Dr's office, albeit a bit out of it given the vicodin, numbing cream and trauma, and went on with my day at work. I was in the office from 3pm-5pm. After I left, I went to a business meeting at 6. No one knew I had anything done. I did get compliments on looking refreshed. I was shocked that there's NO signs that any procedure was done. My skin was more aggravated with botox and filler than this.

Cons-- Whoever says it doesn't hurt must be in the marine corps. It's more than uncomfortable. If I hadn't had a vicodin, injections to numb my face and the numbing cream, I definitely wouldn't have lasted in that chair more than 15 minutes. I started crying in the middle of my procedure. Thankfully, the PA doing the procedure was great with me and didn't look phased by me going into a mild shock.

What I wish I had known... my own pain intolerance. If they had an option to go under, I wouldn't have taken it based on others' reviews. However, next time I will definitely be taking two vicoden, wear warmer clothes and have someone drive me home. If there's an option to be knocked out, I'll do it that way. Also, I wish I had been clear that they go over the area a second time. It was actually less painful the 2nd time but the anxiety leading up to the 2nd go around was horrible.

After my business meeting, I scheduled a massage to calm down and relax, drank a scotch and ate a good meal. The numbing injections took a while to wear off-- 3 hours-- so that was also awkward trying to put on lipstick when my lips didn't want to move. I would have scheduled all this in advance had I known. I'd suggest you plan accordingly... don't go back to work. It's worth taking a day off or a half day. Relax afterwards. It's a stressful procedure to put your body through even if it doesn't look like anything was done.

The initial results so far: My skin is definitely tighter. My jawline more pronounced and my neck firmer. I look like I had a mini facelift that is conservative (not skeleton like). I can't wait to see what I look like in 90 days when it peaks.
Was it worth it? Yes. Would I do it again in less than 3 years? Only if someone gives me laughing gas or knocks me out.

It's now been 3 weeks. Dr. Richardson did the...

It's now been 3 weeks. Dr. Richardson did the sculptura this week. I also had him do my botox. I'm so impressed! I've had several compliments from people asking me what's different and that I look like I've had a very long vacation. My eyebrows/ eyes have always been a little uneven. They now have symmetry. I was also very impressed that after the sculptura I went straight back to work also. No pain. I had a little under the skin bruising but used arnica and ice later that night. I think it also makes a huge difference having someone with a lot of experience. He didn't plump up my cheekbones as my other plastic surgeon did. He filled my cheeks out underneath so the fullness returned and I have the appearance of higher cheekbones. Not overly done though.

The pros so far: My skin is definitely tighter. I look more youthful and fresh. The recovery time is 0. My face is more symmetrical.
The cons: None-- My face looks like it did about 5 years ago.
Fort Lauderdale Dermatologic Surgeon

I went with Dr. Richardson in Ft. Lauderdale. He answered all of my questions. He includes everything in the price. It seemed pricey at first compared to the national average but he does the full face and neck, all of the numbing procedures are included and he does the maximum treatment option. What's great is he also includes sculptra... a longterm filler that helps to stimulate collagen growth. Overall, pretty good price for all of it with that included given my treatments are $800 a pop. It was also great to see after doing my research that he's said to be a specialist for this treatment.

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