Mommy Makeover


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Inevitably as time passes and gravity takes hold, you find that your body is not what it used to be. Your breasts are not as perky and have lost volume. Your tummy is no longer tight and has excess fat and stretch marks. Your body shows the effects of years of weight fluctuation, pregnancies and time. You wonder if it is possible to once again have your body back. The answer is yes!


Modern Plastic Surgery has coined some interesting terms in recent years, but none as talked about as the “Mommy Makeover”. The name speaks for itself and addresses the two most common complaints by women who have had children. “My breasts and tummy are not the same as they once were!”


A mommy make over is a combined surgery to rejuvenate the breasts and tummy. The breasts are lifted and/or filled with an implant to correct volume depletion (often seen after breast feeding) or drooping (from gravity and time). The tummy is flattened through removal of excess skin and fat, and tightening of the muscles.


The beauty of the mommy make over is that is corrects two of the most common concerns that women have about their post-pregnancy body in one surgical procedure. Says Jane, a mother of a boy and two twin girls, “After nursing three children, my breasts lost a lot of volume and headed south. My abdominal muscles were loose. I had stretch marks and my skin seemed to hang over the top of my C-section scar. “


Jane underwent her mommy makeover 6 years after her last child. Her breasts were lifted and a silicone breast implant was used to add volume. Her stomach muscles were tightened while her excess abdominal fat was removed. Most of her stretch marks were removed and her C-section scar was revised. Says Jane, “My only regret was that I did not have this surgery sooner! My body looks like it did in my 20s and I have my self confidence back”.


Jane had her procedure performed at Aqua Plastic Surgery by Dr. David Rankin. Dr. Rankin is a board certified plastic surgeon specializing in Cosmetic Plastic Surgery. Although on staff at 6 local hospitals, Dr. Rankin built a private surgical operating suite in his office to provide his patients with privacy, convenience and reduced cost. Says Dr. Rankin “Most of my patients prefer to have their cosmetic surgery done in my office. That is all we do here, and my staff is dedicated only to cosmetic surgery. The operating room is fully accredited just like a hospital”.


Dr. Rankin adds, “Jane’s surgery went very smoothly. Her entire procedure took a little over 4 hours and she went home the same day. She was thrilled with her result as most women are who have this procedure”.

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