What is a MACS lift at Utah Facial Plastics?


May 31, 2017

At Utah Facial Plastics, Dr. Thompson and Dr. Henstrom perform a variety of facelift and necklift procedures depending on patient needs and concerns. For patients primarily concerned with “jowling” and loss of definition along the jawline. The MACSlift is very common and popular at Utah Facial Plastics. So what is a MACSlift? A Macslift is the surgical procedure our surgeons feel provides the best result for someone looking for a more minimal facelift or mini lift.

MACS stands for ‘Minimal Access Cranial Suspension’ which means it’s a vertical lift involving a small incision. Lifting vertically versus horizontally is what provides a natural results and not a “wind-blown” result.

There are many advantages to a MACSlift procedure making it the preferred  mini facelift technique Dr. Thompson has been performing for over 10 years with great results. He has taken a tried and true surgical procedure and over time, perfected it to what provides the best results for his patients.

Benefits include:

  • Shorter procedure time than standard facelift: 3 hours
  • No general anesthesia, performed in-office under local anesthetic
  • Lifts muscle and tissue using vertical lifting
  • Natural-looking results
  • Long-lasting results
  • Faster recovery: 2 weeks
  • Small scar: in the front of the ear only
  • Safe, few complications
  • Less cost than standard lift without anesthesia and facility
  • Includes submental liposuction to take out fat below the chin as well.


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Layton Facial Plastic Surgeon