Liposuction and Buttock Augmentation


Liposuction and buttock augmentation are commonly performed to achieve the “best” possible results that are gender appropriate and look proportionate to the rest of the body.

There are two safe ways to perform buttock augmentation: with the use of solid silicone implants and through fat transfer, which is also referred to as Brazilian butt lift. Sometimes, these two techniques are performed simultaneously to achieve high patient satisfaction rate.

Regardless of how buttock augmentation is performed, a good number of patients can benefit from liposuction as an adjunct procedure.

Liposuction removes the excess superficial fat close to the skin to achieve a more slender, toned appearance.

Liposuction of the upper-outer buttock could provide significant improvement even as a stand-alone procedure. The excess fat in the area could result in wider, flatter buttocks when viewed from the back.

For patients with a “saddlebag” appearance, which is primarily caused by excess fat in the outer thigh, liposuction can be also helpful. Nevertheless, studies have suggested that this area is susceptible to inadvertent over-correction in which too much fatty tissue is removed.

It is important to note that liposuction must leave behind enough fat to preserve the natural contours of the body and avoid skin asymmetries and other telltale signs of the surgery.

To prevent over-correction, proper marking and patient position are of paramount importance. The general rule of thumb is to mark a person while standing up and make her lie on her side, with a wedge of pillow between her thighs, to prevent exaggerating the saddlebag appearance.

Meanwhile, supine position is believed to exaggerate the saddlebags and possibly lead to inadvertent over-liposuction.

Some patients may also need their midsection—abdomen, hips, or sometimes even the back—liposuctioned to make the buttocks stand out more. This is particularly true of female patients who want to achieve the idealized hourglass shape.
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Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon