Other Uses for KYBELLA?


KYBELLA (keoxycholic acid) is a manmade version of a natural substance found in the human body that helps to absorb fat by eliminating fat cells wherever it is injected into the body. Currently, KYBELLA has been FDA-approved for use under the chin, a common trouble spot. However, it is already being tested for additional areas of the body where fat tends to appear but is hard to get rid of, including:

  • “Bra” fat, or back fat that is emphasized by undergarments
  • Under arm fat, located in the area under the armpit
  • Thin layer of stomach fat in very fit people
  • Post baby stomach fat
  • Above the knee fat or elbow fat
  • And more
When KYBELLA is used, patients may notice some mild side effects including bruising and swelling. The FDA has also reported the possible but short lived and rare side effects of redness, numbness, and hardness in the injection areas.

For the Chin Only?

KYBELLA is currently only approved by the FDA for use in the chin area. Before KYBELLA came on the scene, one of the only real options available to patients was neck liposuction or neck lift. While Dr. Sadati has pioneered a new facelift and neck lift technique for achieving youthful and aesthetically pleasing results, it is still surgery. Not all patients want to undergo a surgical procedure. Rather, a simple series of injections is a far less invasive option that can offer comparable results and less of the downtime associated with surgery.

In Europe and many other countries, KYBELLA is already being used to treat fatty areas all over the body, including the elbows, knees, and abdomen. While the FDA has not approved the use of KYBELLA in the USA for these areas yet, Dr. Sadati feels like it will not be long before this changes. “KYBELLA offers the potential as a great alternative to surgery,” Dr. Sadati explained. “It has already shown some amazing results in the chin area. We can only imagine how it will help in other trouble areas, like the under arm and stomach areas.”

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Orange County Facial Plastic Surgeon